A Question I Was Asked:

Who Might Fight in the 'Final Battle' on Earth?

Your 'Christian Hawk' article about all forms of liberal belief dying and active Theism becoming increasingly strong was encouraging, but also a warning - all at once. Fundamentalists used to say that the final armageddon battle will be between a Roman Catholic-inspired United Europe on one side and true Protestantism on the other side but I notice they are starting to withdraw from that and more groups seem to be saying that it will be between true Christianity on one side and Islam on the other. Any thoughts?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, not really. I don't get involved in speculations on Bible prophecy. Maybe this is partly because I come from the background in which people were always doing that (and, I might add, always getting egg on their faces when their often wild speculations were shown to be disastrously wrong!)

If we look at Matthew 24, there seems no real doubt anymore that most of that prophecy was fulfilled in AD70. If one looks at Revelation in general, I continue to unhesistatingly recommend the approach of William Hendriksen in 'More Than Conquerors.' By the way, that was still available on Amazon, the last time I loooked. My fellow Welshman Martyn Lloyd-Jones refused to go beyond that, and I agree with him. With Old Testament prophecy, the Halley's Bible Handbook continues - despite its now great age - to be a fine source for showing how and when most of those prophecies were fulfilled in history. That too, I understand, can still be obtained.

We should look forward to the Second Coming and to the resurrection, knowing that those are two utterly sure future events! As for the final make-up of the nation states and who will attack who, when and where, we can leave all of that in the very capable hands of God. Many times over the years I have noted that those who delve into those things too deeply also suffer in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Robin A. Brace. September 18th, 2014.