A Question I Was Asked:

Thanks For That Article!

Your article, 'Why Do I Still Sin, Oftentimes All Too Easily?' is the single best explanation I have ever read concerning the problems which Christians still have to battle against. I have spent years looking for a better way of explaining this and being exasperated at the poor teaching (or complete lack of teaching) which new believers get upon this subject in evangelical Christianity. I am a pastor and people look to us for answers, now at last I can use your biblical explanation to help people. I may have been slow to grasp this myself but I sure do know the truth when I read it. Keep writing things like this. Oh, what an illumination!

UK Apologetics Reply:

Thank you for your very generous comments. Yes I too always felt that 'problems of overcoming ' were poorly explained and sometimes frankly dodged within evangelical Christianity. It is about good pastoral care which is essential for the pastor and Bible expositor alike. We need to be more ready to 'meet people where they are' and show more empathy. Of course, we don't compromise over the big and major areas of teaching but sometimes probably most of us have shown pastoral care which is too glib (fluent but shallow) and too dismissive.

The article which you refer to is HERE.

Robin A. Brace. August 1st, 2014.