A Question I Was Asked:

How Can I Know if a Prayer is Included Within God's Will?

The Question:

An article I read said that any prayer for healing that was included in God's will would succeed. How can I know if a prayer is included in Gods will?

UK Apologetics Reply:

You might be misunderstanding something here. This is looking at the bigger, eternal picture of the jurisdiction, providence and sovereignty of God. If it is written in Heaven that a healing should take place here and now then it will happen here and now - nothing can prevent it. Yet you are asking, 'how can I know?' Actually you can't know. Some of these things are not revealed to us at present. This is in the realm of 'why did one family die in the flood, but the family next door survived?' Or, 'why were there two lovely children in two hospital beds but the one got better and the other one died?' One day God may reveal some of these things to us but for the present we cannot know some of these things. It is not so much about our praying, although we should always pray sincerely and in expectation of an answer, even if that answer is not what we might wish. But, at the end of the day, God's will will be done in every matter. Ultimately you and I cannot know God's will in every single matter in the here and now but we must trust our Saviour. If, as I have sometimes expressed it, our prayer is underwritten in Heaven (according to God's eternal purpose) then our prayer cannot fail to succeed.

Robin A. Brace. April 7th, 2014.