A Question I Was Asked:

Where Is Your Ministry Based? Can I Attend Your Church?

Where is your ministry based? Can I attend your church?

UK Apologetics Reply:

An increasing number are asking this question, but we are an internet-only ministry. I saw this as my mission, back when the internet was really taking off, circa around 1995-2000, and my first Christian website launched (probably in a somewhat poor and unsophisticated fashion) back in November, 2001. Originally called museltof christian ministries (capital letters excluded in the fashion of the time), it was on MSN web space. We became, I would say, a more sophisticated enterprise from around 2005/7, paying for our own completely independent web space (not having to carry anybody else's ads!), and now having 2-3 published writers occasionally contributing to us. We do not pay them for contributing to us, no money is involved in this ministry and I refuse to make appeals for funds or to even carry a 'please donate here' box. The main work is now under our independent domain name 'UK Apologetics' (which another website tries to copy as much as they dare, by the way). But both 'Witness to the Word' and 'Museltof Countercult and Apologetics' (two older sites) do still continue, but it is now really one huge website (over 1,500 articles).

Regarding the possibility of meetings, I do not rule that out. I have often thought that would like perhaps a hundred or so of us to meet up, in the first place, once a year for perhaps 10 days or two weeks. I first suggested this about 5 years ago but the numbers able to show up were too small to go ahead with it. But that remains in the future (that is, if the Lord wills it)...

Robin A. Brace. May 22nd, 2014.