A Question I Was Asked:

Thanks For Getting the Balance on Christian Teaching Right!

I would like to thank you that UK Apologetics is so comprehensive. In the last 3-4 weeks I have spent many hours on this website and nothing which might be associated with Christianity and the Christian Gospel seems to be left uncovered. This is greatly in contrast with so many Christian websites which either feature in one particular area, but ignore others, or are either too theological and difficult to read or much too shallow and emotional. You seem to have got it all right and difficult questions continue to be confronted in a plain manner. I am also encouraged that you are happy to 'think outside the box' to use the current expression and are no 'denomination man.' Thank you!

UK Apologetics Reply:

Well, thank you too for such encouraging comments. Yes, I have put a lot of thought into getting the balance right on this website and avoiding some of the usual trenches and 'blind bunkers.' The whole intention - right from the start - was to better explain what the Gospel is all about and also to warn about those who are prepared to abuse and pervert the words of Scripture.

Robin A. Brace. October 30th, 2014.