A Question I Was Asked:

Could You Give Me an Intelligent, 21st Century Definition of God? I am a Christian.

I would like to see a definition of the word "God" which could satisfy an educated 21st century person and also evidence of the existence of such a "being." My Oxford Dictionary refers to a "supernatural being" - where do I go from there?

I do claim to be a Christian, (I have just now returned from a service), but I do not regard the Old Testament as in any way convincing.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Sir, you may attend as many services as you wish but if you say, "I do not regard the Old Testament as in any way convincing..." then it is impossible for you to be a Christian. A truly called Christian could never say any such thing. So, first of all, you need to get off your high-handed intellectual human mindset and find the real risen Lord Jesus because such an arrogant comment is unbearable. There is no humility there so I cannot teach you anything. If and when your attitude improves, you would be welcome to come back to me.

Robin A. Brace. April 28th, 2014.