A Question I Was Asked:

Will Christian Husbands and Wives Be Together For Eternity?

A recent question which you answered, has prompted another question.
In Eternity, will loving Christian husbands and wives continue to be together? I can't think of a verse, or verses, in the Bible which answer this question but possibly you can think of such verses. How about it?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, this is a very good question to ask although, like yourself, I cannot come up with any specific Scriptures which directly address this point.

I would put it this way: if a marriage has been somewhat unhappy in this life, this might not be such a blessing! Having said that, I think that most Christian married couples (my wife and myself included) could not think of any other way to spend Eternity. Of course, we will join the family of the saved who have inherited/will inherit eternal life, so we are joining a huge family and we will become the sons and daughters of God, however, I have little doubt that our loving and merciful Father will arrange things so that we remain close to those who have been close to us during this present life. Therefore, I would expect to see entire families - if all of them have been believers during the present life - continue to be together. I cannot see how or why a God of supreme love would not allow this to happen. So my answer is, yes, I believe that loving couples will never be separated.

Robin A. Brace. October 26th, 2014.