A Question I Was Asked:

A Place in the Wilderness?

The Question:

...I am PREPARING A PLACE IN THE WILDERNESS here in (Australian name place given) for those that get LEFT BEHIND when the rapture happens. I have gotten much done, but much more needs doing. if you have any members that live here in ................, then please pass along my details.

UK Apologetics Reply:

I am taking this as a joke, of course, but it really is odd how many rely on a "rapture" (a word which never occurs in Scripture). This "place in the wilderness" idea has, of course already been done to death by almost every false prophet one looks into, but, again, I am taking your comments as a very apt joke of some of these odd ideas which some people seem to have. You were joking, weren't you?

Sadly, a later email from this gentleman proved he was being utterly serious!

Robin A. Brace. August 1st, 2013.