A Question I Was Asked:

Does 'Straight Street' Actually Exist?

The Question:

Does "Straight Street" in Damascus actually exist? Did it ever exist?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No need to have any doubts at all. Yes, "Straight Street" most certainly continues to exist. This, of course, is the street in Damascus where Paul the Apostle lodged after his vision of Jesus. In the house of Judas, he was baptized by Ananias and received back his sight (Acts 9:11).

I am told, by some who have visited Damascus, that the street really is unusually straight for the area, even though it is now thought to be 12-15 feet above the level which it was in the days of the New Testament. It is the Rue Droite. According to the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible (Vol.4, 1997), 'the house of Judas' no longer exists but the 'house of Ananias' certainly does (in a lane at the eastern end of Straight Street). There is now also a St Paul's Chapel in the area of the old city wall which is thought to commemorate the place where Paul was lowered over the wall in a basket to escape his persecutors (Acts 9:25; 2 Corinthians 11:33).

Robin A. Brace. April 30th, 2013.