A Question I Was Asked:

Is This Evidence of Evolution?

The Question:

Doesn't the fact that all physical creatures which live on land have lungs, a heart and a respiratory system of great similarity tend to be a proof of evolution? Surely we all evolved to be able to exist in this environment. Do you need to look much further? Why evoke God?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Such similarities could never possibly serve as a "proof" of evolution, the only question being whether they are compelling evidence; but they are not.

On the contrary, such similarities point to the same Creator and to the action of a divine mind. We were all fashioned to breathe oxygen in order to live upon this earth and so we were given a perfectly designed respiratory system for just such a purpose.

On this reasoning, I could place seven cars before you. Let's say a Chevrolet, an Aston Martin, a BMW, a Citroen (the car which I drive), a Lotus, a Ford and a Fiat. All have engines, gearboxes, four wheels and good seats inside - great similarities! Why? Because they need to function in a similar way; they need fuel in order to go at all, wheels and tyres in order to move across all sorts of land. They are all designed for the physical environment in which we all live. Similarly, ships are designed to move across water and planes designed to move through the skies. Nothing "evolved" anywhere here, rather, men with intelligent minds designed these things. In certain respects they are alike (the need for fuel etc), but their varying designs always shows great expertise. They are fully fit for purpose and so are human beings, plus all the creatures upon earth.

Using exactly the same reasoning which you employ, I could say, Look! All those modes of transport have engines, gearboxes and seats - isn't that a proof that they all "evolved" for the environment which they live in? However, as we all know, such instruments of motion and travel are carefully and expertly designed. Yet do you know that your DNA is far more complex than all the latest technology in the very latest Jaguar or Lamborghini? This shows the expert design of an expert designer, not the action of "evolutionary forces over billions of years."

The problem with evolution is that it insists that all changes are random and mindless - just a matter of chance or, if you prefer, sheer luck! They do not admit mind, design or intelligence anywhere. The laws of mathematics and probabilities alone reveal macro-evolution to be an utter nonsense. Also, well-established laws of science had to be broken in order for it to have occurred (if it had occurred, which it has not). Moreover, evolutionists break the laws of logical argument by having a universe, information, the laws of physics etc., fully in place before their claimed evolution even commenced - without ever saying where those things came from in the first place!

Anthony Flew (1923-2010) was an atheistic philosopher who, in the last few years of his life, gave up his atheism and embraced theism; he had accepted all the teachings of modern science but finally had to admit that much of it is pure hokum and an all-powerful Creator God made much more sense and was better science! This man had a brilliant mind and 'scientism' can learn a lot from his honesty, even if it was late arriving. As his The Telegraph obituary reported,

After months of soul-searching, Flew concluded that research into DNA had "shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, that intelligence must have been involved". Moreover, though he accepted Darwinian evolution, he felt that it could not explain the beginnings of life. "I have been persuaded that it is simply out of the question that the first living matter evolved out of dead matter and then developed into an extraordinarily complicated creature," he said. ('The Telegraph,' Friday, 18th January, 2013).

Flew did not become a Christian believer but accepted that there had to be a God who must have had divine input into the beginnings of life in this world; therefore he rejected atheism and even apologised that he had misled others in the past.

I simply say that it is encouraging that more and more scientists each year are challenging the blind acceptance of the remarkable act of faith which macro-evolution is.

Robin A. Brace. January 19th, 2013.