A Question I Was Asked:

Can Loyalty to One's Local Church Be Misplaced?

The Question:

Can loyalty to one's local church be misplaced? Do not some have a false feeling of security because they have been faithful, surely largely out of habit, to one particular church congregation?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Yes, I take the point which is apparently being made here. Loyalty to a particular local church congregation can be misplaced loyalty. As an example, one may hear many liberal-type Christians saying things like, "My mother went to this church to her dying day and I intend to do exactly the same!" The impression is that loyalty to a particular building, or to a particular meeting hall, or congregation, or denomination, is highly meritorious, and probably spiritually praiseworthy - but may that not simply be purely a matter of habit?

I personally admire the Christian who moves on as his or her spiritual knowledge grows. I know (or have known) three people who came to the Lord during Pentecostal services but not a single one remained Pentecostals; rather, as their knowledge grew, and as they matured, they moved on. It is more a mark of liberal Christians to take up long-term occupation of a particular pew seat. That is often simply habit or even - dare I say it? - spiritual laziness. I'm afraid that some believers can get a little lazy and smug, they no longer ask spiritually challenging questions. Of course, in some cases one might be limited; if there are only two congregations in your town it is obviously restricting!

I think we should all strive to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ - not to any particular local church congregation! That is very firmly where I stand.

Robin A. Brace. December 11th, 2013.