A Question I Was Asked:

Didn't You Once Pastor in Southern Ireland?

Two Brief Questions:

1. Didn't you once pastor a church in southern Ireland? I was told that you did.

UK Apologetics Reply:

The answer is no. There is a misunderstanding somewhere here. Odd really, because an opportunity did indeed open to me to pastor a Protestant church in southern Ireland quite a few years ago but my wife and I had to turn it down because we had become child foster carers in our own locality shortly before. We were fostering a little girl whose father had died and her mother could not raise her. We were informed that we could remain foster carers if moving to any part of the UK but not if moving to southern Ireland (which is, of course, a separate country). The little girl had already had a lot of uncertainty in her life and we wanted to bring some stability to her life so I decided not even to pursue the southern Ireland option.

So, no, I have never pastored in southern Ireland. In fact, I have never pastored anywhere although trained as a pastor. I have stepped in, on a few occasions, to help local churches in south Wales, even sharing the pastorate for a year with an elderly pastor as he approached retirement. In a more loose sense, however, it could be said that I now have a world-wide pastorate through this ministry. Whereas the average pastor only influences and counsels those within one local congregation, I now do this with people from numerous places and countries through the processes of the internet.

Robin A. Brace. February 28th, 2013.

Second Question:

2. Didn't I once hear you preach in my church in Hampshire somewhere near 1997-9? Your name stuck in my mind because your message was very encouraging....I still recall bits of it.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Yes, you very possibly did. I did preach in your village of ........., in Hampshire, southern England around about that period. Thanks for the kind remarks, it's really appreciated. Being based in south Wales at the time, I preached only twice down in Hampshire, one place (your church) was a very good experience, less so the other place.

Robin A. Brace. February 28th, 2013.