A Question I Was Asked:

Is Inter-Faith Dialogue Wrong?

The Question:

Why would inter-faith dialogue be wrong? Most evangelicals oppose it, most liberal Christians welcome it. What is it that I am not understanding here?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay this is a fair question; let me attempt to tackle it.

Firstly, 'inter-faith' almost invariably means Christian/Islamic. These days it rarely seems to mean anything else. My question is: what could cosying up to moslems hope to achieve? There is only one answer: compromise. Sure, we would probably find that - in many cases - they are very decent people; that is not the point. The point being that both Bible-believing Christians and Koran-believing moslems hold exclusive and contradictory truth claims. Sure, they believe that Jesus was a "great prophet," but that is not enough! True Christianity believes that He (Jesus Christ) is the Saviour of the world. Islam rejects that. There is no way forward from that point except for compromise. All religions probably hold elements of truth (along with much error!), but - as Christians - we have (or should have) no hesitation in claiming that the very strongest religious/spiritual truth exists within Christianity. That does not mean rejecting members of other faiths, that is, as people, but if sincere to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are bound to reject their religious claims.

So - if religiously-based (and it always is), true, biblical Christians must reject inter-faith dialogue. Our viewpoint should be that it is pointless, unless that particular grouping of people of another faith have expressed a genuine desire to come to know Christ and to receive instruction in the Gospel. It should, therefore, come as no surprise to note that 'Christian' advocates of "inter-faith" are always liberals who reject the great truths of the Bible. To them, Jesus was just a good moral example (not the Saviour of the world), substitutionary atonement (a pivotal point to Paul the Apostle), will also be rejected, as will any concepts of Eternal Life (except possibly in an airy-fairy poetic sense). These people don't even believe the great truths of the Bible so see no reason not to compromise here, there and everywhere else. Many of them are Darwin-worshippers - not Jesus-worshippers, being immersed and steeped in all the (now very obvious) failures of modernism. Is there any need to say more?

Robin A. Brace. September 4th, 2013.