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What are the Thoughts of Jesus Christ about Education?

The Question:

What are the thoughts of Jesus Christ about education?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Education is good and healthy. Unfortunately far too much modern education is secular and God-denying. If I had my children over again (they are all now grown and away), I would home school all of them. It's the only way to prevent the terrible secularism which their minds are stuffed with at school. Possibly even worse, the school system exposes them to 'peer pressure' in which their friend's opinions become more important than the teaching received at home. I can't speak for all countries but here in the UK state schools are the very last thing any Christian parent should want.

But true education is a good and healthy thing throughout life and should be seen as ongoing. I attained my theology degree when in my late 50s and ten years before that I attained my RHS gardening certificate. I have also studied several languages and am currently studying French despite being not too far away from 70 years of age. I don't say any of this to boast but to encourage all of us to go on improving our knowledge wherever possible.

God gave us all good, strong reasoning minds and since we are fashioned in His image, we all have an enormous ability to learn and to absorb knowledge. Secular, atheistic 'knowledge' is the only thing we must watch out for; in the area of science, it is the pseudo-science. But the idea that science and Christianity must be enemies (still held by many) is a nonsense. True Christianity has nothing to fear from good, empirical science. Macro-evolution is not good, empirical science, actually it is not science at all but anti-supernaturalist philosophy dressed up as "science."

So true education is good and healthy but, unfortunately, in this secular age, we must always evaluate any particular course. From the enlightenment (circa 1750) onwards, the idea started to come into education that the sacred and holy was bad and that human learning alone would guide the human race into a glorious future. However, not all modern learning is bad, some is mightily helpful, and some truly incredible (the understanding and utilisation of electricity, and advanced modern technology, for instance).

So education - in itself - is not wrong or bad and God is actually the greatest educator of all time because he has given us the Holy Bible! Now many would laugh at that statement but the Holy Bible really is the source of the best education which any could ever have!

Robin A. Brace. May 9th, 2013.