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Answers to Recent Specific Biblical Questions:
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Older questions are:

How Many Sons Did Jesse Have?

Did Jesus Wear a Tassel to Identify Him as a Jew?

Titus 2:13 Question

Can You Explain Ecclesiastes 12:7?

What is the Difference Between Wilful Sin and Common Human Weakness?

What Does 'Holy, Catholic Church' Mean in the Creed?

If Jesus Is God, How Can He Be the 'Firstborn'?

If Jesus Is God, How Can He Be the 'Firstborn'?

How Come That Former Athlete Jonathan Edwards Lost His Faith?

When Was Satan's Original Fall?

Why Was Gospel Outreach to the Gentiles So Slow?

What About the "Last Two Hundred Thousand Years"?

In What Way Will the Saints Judge the World and the Angels?

Does Jesus Now Sit in Heaven as Human?

Is There Any Truth in Curses?

Will Satan Finally Die?

Is It Enough 'Just to Pray'?

Would You Give An Answer to a Set of Claims About the Apostle Paul?

Surely 'Eternal Security' is a Wrong Teaching?

Why Even Worry About Evolution?

Which of These Two Translations of 1 Thess. 5:12-14 is Best?

Whatever Is Not Of Faith Is Sin; Meaning?

Can I Make My Son Believe in God Again?

Where Does Satan Get His Power From?

Will Animal Sacrifices Return in the Future?

Isn't My Stance Against Evolution a Fundamentalist Approach?

Are Justification and Regeneration the Same Thing?

Doesn't Human Progress Prove Evolution?

Doesn't Paul Seem to Support the Prosperity Gospel?

Are the 'Older Bible Manuscripts' Necessarily Better?

Can You Explain Peter's Use of Joel In His Acts 2 Sermon?

What is 'Raelism'?

How Do You Feel About This Explanation of Man and God?

Could One Even be Healed by a False, or Quack, Healing Preacher?

Am I Too Harsh on Darwinism?

Whoever is Born of God Cannot Sin; Can You Explain?

Were the Popes Really That Wicked?

What is the 'Order of the Solar Temple'?

Why Didn't the Samaritans Receive the Holy Spirit At Once?

Is it a Sin for Christians to Smoke?

What Happens to My Soul at Death?

Is This Evidence of Evolution?

When Does the War in Heaven Occur?

What About 'Narrow is the Gate'?

Should Christians Eat 'Unclean' Meat?

Did Abraham Have a Choice?

Do You Have Any Philosophical Approach to Answering Bible Questions?

Could I Be Wrong?

Aren't Christians Bound to Support Egalitarianism?

Didn't You Once Pastor in Southern Ireland?

Should Elders Demand Repentance? Is it Within Their Office?

Won't God Simply Save All Good and Honest People?

Why is American Christianity So Shallow?

What Right Do 'Alternative Comedians' Have to Attack Our Beliefs?

Where Does This Jehovah's Witnesses Quote Come From?

Wasn't Abram Contemptible At Times?

What About the Teachings of Michael Cremo?

How Should Christians Now View the Hebrew Scriptures?

What Does 'Selah' Mean?

Does 'Straight Street' Really Exist?

What is 'Kerygma'?

Should We Dress in our Finest to Attend Church?

What are the Thoughts of Jesus Christ About Education?

Is There a World-wide Depopulation Agenda?

Please Explain the 'Lord's Day' versus Sabbath Question

Would a Billy Graham Campaign Still Be Successful in Modern, Secular Britain?

What - in Your Opinion - are the Main Problems with the Charismatic Movement?

Is There Such a Thing as an Ex-Christian?

How Can "Many" Be Called, But "Few" Chosen in View of the Perseverance of the Saints?

Did David or Elhanan Kill Goliath?

Why Not Just Worship Your God Anyway You Want To?

Do You Fully Support 'Out of Body' Experiences?

What Do You Know About Petra?

Does Jesus Really Advocate Self-Mutilation?

Can I Be a Gay Christian?

What Did Jesus Mean in John 5:45-47?

Where Does Love Come From?

Did the Lord Kill Onan Because of His Masturbation?

Should Young Boys Be Circumcised?

Where Does Life On Other Planets Leave God?

A Place in the Wilderness?

Why Did Jesus Say Avoid Fleeing on the Sabbath?

What is 'Rosicrucianism'?

Am I Too Individualistic?

What Was the 'Star of Bethlehem'?

"A Three Days Journey" ; Did Moses Lie?

Should Churches Ban Men From Having Long Hair?

Can You List the Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus?

Why is Inter-Faith Dialogue Wrong?

Why Aren't We Simply 'Believers'?

Did Jesus Never Preach to Gentiles?

Isn't Tithing Simply God's Way of Doing Things?

Why Do People Fall For These Cults?

How Come That Non-Christians Have 'Love Experiences'?

What is the Meaning of 2 Peter 3:3-7?

Who and What Were the Quakers?

Is Human Organ Transplantation Wrong?

Is It Okay to Take Mass With Catholics?

Does the Sabbath Carry a Special Blessing?

In 1 John 5:16-17, What is Meant by the Sin That Leads to Death?

What Are the Correct Names for Jesus and the Father?

Can Loyalty to a Particular Church Congregation be Misplaced?

Was it Genocidal For God to Want the Total Destruction of the Amalekites?

Where Do You Rank on the Search Engines?

Is Circumcision an Eternal Covenant?

Where Would it Leave Christian Claims If Aliens Were Discovered on the Moon?

Is My Teaching on Healing in Error?

What is New Covenant Theology?

Four Questions About Heaven

'Be Ye Angry and Sin Not' - What Does it Mean?

What About Fasting? Can You Give Us Any Guidelines?

Does Hebrews 7:7-9 Support Tithing?

Can Catholics Be Saved?

How Can I Know if a Prayer is Within God's Eternal Will?

Who were the Nephilim in Genesis 6:3-5?

What is the Origin of Satan and His Demons?

Was Adam and Eve's Shame of Nakedness All About Sex?

Why Do BBC Commentators Continue in their Lazy, Anti-Theist Journalism?

Who Were the Saints Who Came Out of Their Tombs in Matthew 27?

What's Behind the New 'Multiverse' Idea? Can You Explain?

Could You Give Me An Intelligent, 21st Century Definition of God? I am a Christian.

Could You Explain These Two Scriptures in Matthew?

Isn't Halal Meat 'Meat Offered to Idols'?

Wasn't Paul an Impostor?

Where Are You Based? Can I Attend Your Church?

Isn't Sexual Love Spiritually Neutral?

Who Was the 'John' Mentioned in Acts 13:5?

What is Meant by 'The Law of Moses' in Acts 13:38-39?

Do You Understand What Steve Jones Wrote? I Don't!

Why Doesn't God Simply Destroy Satan?

Why Do I Still Sin, Oftentimes All Too Easily?

Can My Healed Father Attend Catholic Mass?

Am I Infallible? What Are My Credentials??

Who Are 'The Assembly'?

Thanks For That Article!

What Are Your Views on The James Ossuary Controversy?

Is the Pope Saved Or Not?

Is it 'Sound Mind,' or, 'Self-Control'?

Is Apologetics Really Needed?

Can You Say More About Derek Prince?

In Heaven, Will We Instantly Know Everything?

Should We Purposely Seek Out Demons?

Who Might Fight in the 'Final Battle' On Earth?

What Do You Think of Joyce Meyer Ministries?

Who Were 'The Knights Templar'?

Has God Already Determined When We Will Die?

Doesn't the Wickedness of ISIS Raise Questions About Proselytizing?

Where are the Original Gospels, Who Translated Them, and is the Translation 'Word Perfect'?

Hasn't Witchcraft Always Existed?

Will Christian Husbands and Wives Be Together For Eternity?

What Are Your Thoughts on Matthew 7:21-23?

Thanks For Getting the Balance on Christian Teaching Right!

Did 'Neandertal Man' Ever Exist?

Could Life on Earth Have Come From a Comet?

Can Evolution Really Explain Everything Which Exists Without Going into the Metaphysical/Spiritual?

Who Was the Mother of Ham's Son Canaan?

Are We Still in Danger of Relying on Our Own Works?

Surely We Will Need to Keep the Feast of Tabernacles and Other Bible Laws in the Future?

Can You Clarify 'Only Begotten'? Can the Dropping Of This Phrase Ever Be Defended?

Can You Explain 'The Book of Life'? Can We Be Blotted Out Of It?

How Was Iniquity Found in the Devil? How Did it Get Into Him?

In His Epistles Paul Occasionally Seems to Break With Salvation by Grace and Almost Teaches a Works Salvation. Can You Explain This?

What Do You Think of the First Ever Woman Bishop Being Appointed in the UK?

What Does a Christmas Tree Symbolise for a Christian?

Surely the NIV Bible is Full of Errors; Why Don't You Condemn It?

Doesn't Full Forgiveness Have to be Reciprocal?

Where Do You Stand on New Age Evolutionary Mysticism?

Does the Old Documentary Source Attack on the Old Testament Still Stand Among Academics?

Should We Confess Our Sins to a Priest?

Can You Give Us All a Reminder as to What 'Substitutionary Atonement' Really Is?

Does the Earth Abide Forever, Or Not?

What Are the 'Preterist' and 'Partial Preterist' Views of the End Times?

Should We Only Listen To You?

Why Are Certain of Your Articles Dated Very Early?

Isn't "Shepherding" A Good Thing?

Does God Worry About the Denominations?

Does God Hate the Sinner As Well as the Sin as Some Now Teach?

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