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How Many Sons Did Jesse Have?

Did Jesus Wear a Tassel to Identify Him as a Jew?

Titus 2:13 Question

Can You Explain Ecclesiastes 12:7?

What is the Difference Between Wilful Sin and Common Human Weakness?

What Does 'Holy, Catholic Church' Mean in the Creed?

If Jesus Is God, How Can He Be the 'Firstborn'?

If Jesus Is God, How Can He Be the 'Firstborn'?

How Come That Former Athlete Jonathan Edwards Lost His Faith?

When Was Satan's Original Fall?

Why Was Gospel Outreach to the Gentiles So Slow?

What About the "Last Two Hundred Thousand Years"?

In What Way Will the Saints Judge the World and the Angels?

Does Jesus Now Sit in Heaven as Human?

Is There Any Truth in Curses?

Will Satan Finally Die?

Is It Enough 'Just to Pray'?

Would You Give An Answer to a Set of Claims About the Apostle Paul?

Surely 'Eternal Security' is a Wrong Teaching?

Why Even Worry About Evolution?

Which of These Two Translations of 1 Thess. 5:12-14 is Best?

Whatever Is Not Of Faith Is Sin; Meaning?

Can I Make My Son Believe in God Again?

Where Does Satan Get His Power From?

Will Animal Sacrifices Return in the Future?

Isn't My Stance Against Evolution a Fundamentalist Approach?

Are Justification and Regeneration the Same Thing?

Doesn't Human Progress Prove Evolution?

Doesn't Paul Seem to Support the Prosperity Gospel?

Are the 'Older Bible Manuscripts' Necessarily Better?

Can You Explain Peter's Use of Joel In His Acts 2 Sermon?

What is 'Raelism'?

How Do You Feel About This Explanation of Man and God?

Could One Even be Healed by a False, or Quack, Healing Preacher?

Am I Too Harsh on Darwinism?

Whoever is Born of God Cannot Sin; Can You Explain?

Were the Popes Really That Wicked?

What is the 'Order of the Solar Temple'?

Why Didn't the Samaritans Receive the Holy Spirit At Once?

Is it a Sin for Christians to Smoke?

What Happens to My Soul at Death?

Is This Evidence of Evolution?

When Does the War in Heaven Occur?

What About 'Narrow is the Gate'?

Should Christians Eat 'Unclean' Meat?

Did Abraham Have a Choice?

Do You Have Any Philosophical Approach to Answering Bible Questions?

Could I Be Wrong?

Aren't Christians Bound to Support Egalitarianism?

Didn't You Once Pastor in Southern Ireland?

Should Elders Demand Repentance? Is it Within Their Office?

Won't God Simply Save All Good and Honest People?

Why is American Christianity So Shallow?

What Right Do 'Alternative Comedians' Have to Attack Our Beliefs?

Where Does This Jehovah's Witnesses Quote Come From?

Wasn't Abram Contemptible At Times?

What About the Teachings of Michael Cremo?

How Should Christians Now View the Hebrew Scriptures?

What Does 'Selah' Mean?

Does 'Straight Street' Really Exist?

What is 'Kerygma'?

Should We Dress in our Finest to Attend Church?

What are the Thoughts of Jesus Christ About Education?

Is There a World-wide Depopulation Agenda?

Please Explain the 'Lord's Day' versus Sabbath Question

Would a Billy Graham Campaign Still Be Successful in Modern, Secular Britain?

What - in Your Opinion - are the Main Problems with the Charismatic Movement?

Is There Such a Thing as an Ex-Christian?

How Can "Many" Be Called, But "Few" Chosen in View of the Perseverance of the Saints?

Did David or Elhanan Kill Goliath?

Why Not Just Worship Your God Anyway You Want To?

Do You Fully Support 'Out of Body' Experiences?

What Do You Know About Petra?

Does Jesus Really Advocate Self-Mutilation?

Can I Be a Gay Christian?

What Did Jesus Mean in John 5:45-47?

Where Does Love Come From?

Did the Lord Kill Onan Because of His Masturbation?

Should Young Boys Be Circumcised?

Where Does Life On Other Planets Leave God?

A Place in the Wilderness?

Why Did Jesus Say Avoid Fleeing on the Sabbath?

What is 'Rosicrucianism'?

Am I Too Individualistic?

What Was the 'Star of Bethlehem'?

"A Three Days Journey" ; Did Moses Lie?

Should Churches Ban Men From Having Long Hair?

Can You List the Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus?

Why is Inter-Faith Dialogue Wrong?

Why Aren't We Simply 'Believers'?

Did Jesus Never Preach to Gentiles?

Isn't Tithing Simply God's Way of Doing Things?

Why Do People Fall For These Cults?

How Come That Non-Christians Have 'Love Experiences'?

What is the Meaning of 2 Peter 3:3-7?

Who and What Were the Quakers?

Is Human Organ Transplantation Wrong?

Is It Okay to Take Mass With Catholics?

Does the Sabbath Carry a Special Blessing?

In 1 John 5:16-17, What is Meant by the Sin That Leads to Death?

What Are the Correct Names for Jesus and the Father?

Can Loyalty to a Particular Church Congregation be Misplaced?

Was it Genocidal For God to Want the Total Destruction of the Amalekites?

Where Do You Rank on the Search Engines?

Is Circumcision an Eternal Covenant?

Where Would it Leave Christian Claims If Aliens Were Discovered on the Moon?

Is My Teaching on Healing in Error?

What is New Covenant Theology?

Four Questions About Heaven

'Be Ye Angry and Sin Not' - What Does it Mean?

What About Fasting? Can You Give Us Any Guidelines?

Does Hebrews 7:7-9 Support Tithing?

Can Catholics Be Saved?

How Can I Know if a Prayer is Within God's Eternal Will?

Who were the Nephilim in Genesis 6:3-5?

What is the Origin of Satan and His Demons?

Was Adam and Eve's Shame of Nakedness All About Sex?

Why Do BBC Commentators Continue in their Lazy, Anti-Theist Journalism?

Who Were the Saints Who Came Out of Their Tombs in Matthew 27?

What's Behind the New 'Multiverse' Idea? Can You Explain?

Could You Give Me An Intelligent, 21st Century Definition of God? I am a Christian.

Could You Explain These Two Scriptures in Matthew?

Isn't Halal Meat 'Meat Offered to Idols'?

Wasn't Paul an Impostor?

Where Are You Based? Can I Attend Your Church?

Isn't Sexual Love Spiritually Neutral?

Who Was the 'John' Mentioned in Acts 13:5?

What is Meant by 'The Law of Moses' in Acts 13:38-39?

Do You Understand What Steve Jones Wrote? I Don't!

Why Doesn't God Simply Destroy Satan?

Why Do I Still Sin, Oftentimes All Too Easily?

Can My Healed Father Attend Catholic Mass?

Am I Infallible? What Are My Credentials??

Who Are 'The Assembly'?

Thanks For That Article!

What Are Your Views on The James Ossuary Controversy?

Is the Pope Saved Or Not?

Is it 'Sound Mind,' or, 'Self-Control'?

Is Apologetics Really Needed?

Can You Say More About Derek Prince?

In Heaven, Will We Instantly Know Everything?

Should We Purposely Seek Out Demons?

Who Might Fight in the 'Final Battle' On Earth?

What Do You Think of Joyce Meyer Ministries?

Who Were 'The Knights Templar'?

Has God Already Determined When We Will Die?

Doesn't the Wickedness of ISIS Raise Questions About Proselytizing?

Where are the Original Gospels, Who Translated Them, and is the Translation 'Word Perfect'?

Hasn't Witchcraft Always Existed?

Will Christian Husbands and Wives Be Together For Eternity?

What Are Your Thoughts on Matthew 7:21-23?

Thanks For Getting the Balance on Christian Teaching Right!

Did 'Neandertal Man' Ever Exist?

Could Life on Earth Have Come From a Comet?

Can Evolution Really Explain Everything Which Exists Without Going into the Metaphysical/Spiritual?

Who Was the Mother of Ham's Son Canaan?

Are We Still in Danger of Relying on Our Own Works?

Surely We Will Need to Keep the Feast of Tabernacles and Other Bible Laws in the Future?

Can You Clarify 'Only Begotten'? Can the Dropping Of This Phrase Ever Be Defended?

Can You Explain 'The Book of Life'? Can We Be Blotted Out Of It?

How Was Iniquity Found in the Devil? How Did it Get Into Him?

In His Epistles Paul Occasionally Seems to Break With Salvation by Grace and Almost Teaches a Works Salvation. Can You Explain This?

What Do You Think of the First Ever Woman Bishop Being Appointed in the UK?

What Does a Christmas Tree Symbolise for a Christian?

Surely the NIV Bible is Full of Errors; Why Don't You Condemn It?

Doesn't Full Forgiveness Have to be Reciprocal?

Where Do You Stand on New Age Evolutionary Mysticism?

Does the Old Documentary Source Attack on the Old Testament Still Stand Among Academics?

Should We Confess Our Sins to a Priest?

Can You Give Us All a Reminder as to What 'Substitutionary Atonement' Really Is?

Does the Earth Abide Forever, Or Not?

What Are the 'Preterist' and 'Partial Preterist' Views of the End Times?

Should We Only Listen To You?

Why Are Certain of Your Articles Dated Very Early?

Isn't "Shepherding" A Good Thing?

Does God Worry About the Denominations?

Does God Hate the Sinner As Well as the Sin as Some Now Teach?

Is It Better to Avoid Labels Like 'Protestant'?

How and Why is Envy Wrong?

What First Put This Ministry On the Map?

Is There a Video to Explain How Plants and Animals Migrated to Various Places From a Creationist Model?

Did We Ever Go To The Moon?

Any Significance to Noah Being the "Eighth" Person to be Saved From the Flood?

I See Nothing in the Bible to Tell Me I Should Stop Keeping the Law!

Can You Give Me Some 'Quick Hit' Answers to About Nine Questions?

Do Dogs Need Psychologists?

Should a Pastor use the Old Testament to Establish Truths for Christian Conduct?

What About "Antinomianism"?

Is 'Anakai' Another Name For God? I Have Heard That It Is

Is There Any Value At All in Incorrect Christian Teaching?

Who were the Bereans?

Does it Matter If We Don't Know Our Church History?

What is "Pantheism"?

Who Was Jethro? Did He Have Any Particular Significance?

Do You Understand This "Has He/She Lost Their Faith" Business?

What - As Far As You Can See - Are the Main End-Time Events in which the Church is Attacked and Finally Destroyed?

Do We All Have "Guardian Angels"?

What Was "The Mark of Cain"?

Was There Really No Death in the World Before Adam's Sin?

Three Bible Verses Seem to Say That Baptism Can Save; Can That Be True?

Surely Science Has Now Proven Evolution - Why Go On Denying It?

Is the Mustard Seed Really the Smallest of all Seeds?

Can God Change His Mind? It Worries Me That He Might

What is the 'Didache'? Is It Reliable?

Doesn't Colossians One Support the 'Jehovah's Witnesses' Over the 'Firstborn' Issue?

Was Jesus Under the Law, and Did He or His Family Pay Tithes?

What About the First Epistle of Clement ?

Why Don't You Expose All the Cults and Sects?

Does Galatians 5:4 Show That We Can Lose Our Salvation?

What About John 5:30-32 in the Light of the Jehovah's Witnesses Claims?

Did Paul and James Disagree About the Place of Faith and Works in Salvation?

What About Purgatory?

Why Did the Lord "Regret" Making Saul King? Surely - as God - He Could Have Prevented It?

Does Revelation 14:10 Say That Christ Will Actually Enter Hell To Observe Punishment?

I Have Questions on Covenants, Prophets and 'Five-Fold Ministry' Can You Help?

Surely Revelation 14 Shows Us Two Classes of Saved People? Am I Right??

Who Were the Nicolaitans?

Where Does Jesus Explain the PURPOSE Of His Coming?

Did Our Souls 'Pre-Exist'?

Where Did All the Flood Waters Go?

In Genesis 31, Why Did Rachel Steal Her Father's Idols?

Exactly What Was Inside the Ark of the Covenant? Is There a Bible Contradiction?

How on Earth Can You Explain or Justify a Scripture Like Psalm 137:9?

Did God Allow Incest in the Old Testament?

Did the Great Flood Only Affect the 'Known World' of Noah's Day?

Do You Have Any Other Passions in Your Life Besides Theology?

How Could the Thief Be in Paradise 'That Day'? Aren't There Complications With This?

Why is Ecclesiastes 9 Sceptical About Life After Death?

Does "The Wrath of God" Necessarily Refer to Just One Future Event?

Can a Christian Eat Pork? It Was Banned in the Old Testament

Who is Bruxy Cavey? Am I Right to have Some Concerns?

Does God Really Know Everything We Do Before We Do It?

Do the Great Christian Creeds Really Matter Any More?

Is There a Contradiction Between Genesis 10 and Genesis 11:1?

How Many Daughters Did Lot Actually Have?

Is 'Amish' Separation Too Extreme?

Did Matthew Misquote Jeremiah?

Did the Roman Catholic Church Have Its "Candlestick" Removed a Long Time Ago?

Is Theology and Apologetics For Everyone?

Did God Call Abraham Because He Was Good?

What is a "Serious" Bible Question?

Can Sinners and Unregenerate People Work Miracles?

Does John 14:28 Contradict John 10:30?

Should we Show Our Good Works - Or Hide Them?

Will Israel Build the Third Temple?

Should We Strive to Obey the LETTER of God's Law, Allowing the Spirit of the Law to Follow?

Do You Approve of Those 'Throw Any Bible Question at Me' Open and Spontaneous Public Forums?

Is There a Bible Inconsistency in Esther?

Does the Recent Discovery of "Gravitational Waves" Make any Serious Difference to Anything for us Christians?

Do Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 Give the Catholic Church Full Authority to Interpret and Explain Jesus As They Claim? If Not What is the Meaning?

What Was the Point of the Flood When Things Are As Bad, or Worse, Now?

Surely the Principle of Deuteronomy 19:15 Should be at the Bedrock of Every Legal System on Earth?

Can You Say Something About Judging Others in the Light of Matthew 7:1 and Luke 6:37?

How Can Icons and Images of God and Jesus in Catholic Churches Be Justified?

Where in the Old Testament is the Prophecy Which Luke Refers to as Fulfilled in Luke 24?

God Cannot be Tempted, Yet Jesus Was Tempted. Can You Explain?

Can You Remind of the Dangers of the 'Hebrew Roots Movement'?

In Acts, Why Did Luke Record Three Different Answers When People Asked How They Could Be Saved?

What Does "Many Mansions" Really Mean?

Can You Clarify Hebrews 1:8 in the Light of Jehovah's Witnesses Claims?

Did God Create Other 'Pre-Men' and 'Pre-Women' Before He Created Adam and Eve?

Doesn't 1 Timothy 3:15 Support Catholicism in its 'Church Tradition' Argument?

Does God Alone Possess Immortality? If So, How Can Believers Be Saved?

How Can Matthew 19:16-22 Be Explained? What About Election and Calling?

How Can Eating Certain Foods in Front of Weaker Christians Be Viewed as a Sin?

Does 'I Will Bless Those Who Bless You, and Curse Those Who Curse You,' Still Have an Application for Christians?

Why is the Book of Esther in the Bible?

What's the Best Understanding of Zechariah 14:4?

Can God Change His Mind?

Doesn't Romans 2:13 Go Contrary To Your Anti-Law Teachings?

How Could the Writer of Genesis 36 Have Known That Kings Would Later Reign in Israel?

What About the 'Land of Nod' - Could This be a Bible Error?

Could Not Being "Born Again" Just Refer to Our Future Resurrection?

Why Wasn't David Stoned to Death For His Adultery?

Does God Ever Pray For Us?

Who Were the Eunuchs Who Were "Born That Way"?

Can a New-Born Child of God Still Be Called "A Sinner"?

Can You Explain Ezekiel 38-39 From History?

Who - What - Was - is the Antichrist?

Surely There Must be a "Millenium" For Christ to be Enthroned as King of Kings?

Can You Give Me a Better Understanding of Matthew 24:44-45 Please?

Who Are the Seven Kings of Revelation 17:9-10,12?

Does the Death Penalty For Breaking Certain Commandments Still Apply?

Can You Explain Luke 21:12-24 and The Times of the Gentiles?

Can You Help With The Timelessness of God?

Was Jephthah's Daughter Actually Sacrificed?

Did the Israelites Drive Out the Men With "Iron Chariots" Or Did They Not?

What Does the "Restoration of all Things" in Acts 3 Refer To?

Can You Explain Isaiah 25:6-9?

Can You More Fully Explain Luke 14:15-24?

Somebody Said, "We Are Not Even Able to Come to Christ" - True?

What is God's "Decretive Will"?

Doesn't Mark 16:17-20 Mean That All Should Be Healed Today?

Can You Explain Hebrews 5:7, Especially in How Some Cults and Sects Pervert It?

Can You Explain Joel 2:13-14?

What Does it Mean To Be "Dead to Sin"?

Can Those in the Cults and Sects Be Saved?

Who Are The 24 Elders of Revelation Four?

Is 'Oneness' the True Religion As It's Followers Say?

What Does 1 Corinthians 15:19 Mean?

Why Does It Say, "He Who Thinks He Stand, Take Heed Lest He Fall" If We Cannot Now Fall ?

What is a "Seer Prophet"?

I Am Young. Can You Give me a Basic Starting Point for Considering Evolution?

How Can Fossils of Ancient Creatures Be Found on Mountain Tops?

If Jesus is God Wouldn't He Know the Time of His Return?

Did Jesus Have the Holy Spirit Before Being Baptized by John?

Is the Bible Just Ignorant and Not Scientific?

Don't Your Teachings Go Against Romans 10:14-17?

Could Any Modern Christian Ministry Be Ezekiel's "Watchman"?

Can the British Imperialism of the Past Be Excused?

Does John 20:23 Give Catholic Priests Permission to Forgive Sin?

Why Are We Here? Why were We Born?

Does 1 Peter 2:8 Support "Double Predestination"?

What is "Proselytation"?

Can We Truly Love Christ and Obey His Commandments Without the Help of the Holy Spirit?

Could Being Frozen at Death Beat Death Sometime in the Future?

Can You Explain John 21:1-11?

How Can I Build My Faith?

Two Sensitive Sexual Questions on Lot and His Daughters

Do You Agree with the "Wiseman Tablet Theory"?

Does It Bother You That More and More Evangelical Churches Do Not Confront Evolution?

Why Do Christians Still Have to Die After Inheriting Eternal Life?

What is Docetism?

Is the New Covenant a One-Way Thing?

Are There Really 'Seers'? Are They 'God-Gifted'?

Would it Seriously Damage Christianity If Life Was Found on Other Planets?

Doesn't 1 Peter 3 Teach That Water Baptism Can Save Us?

Can We Be Clear as to Whether or not God Destroyed Nineveh?

Can Those Who Don't Know Christ Be Forgiven of Sin in the Great Judgement?

What is Donatism?

In Exodus 6:14-25 What Is All That Family Genealogy About?

Would the Grace of God Have Been Available Even If Jesus Had Not Gone to the Cross?

Will the Church Be Divinely Protected Right at the End on the Basis of Revelation 12:6?

What is the Meaning of Psalm 106:24?

Just in a Few Basic Points, What is a True Christian? How Might One Recognise Such a Person?

Does Not Revelation 12:17 Say that a Christian - in Our Day - Should be Keeping the Ten Commandments?

Can You Explain Matthew 24:13 in the Light of John 10:27-29?

What is the Origin of 'The Star of David'?

Does Judaism Worship the Father, But Not the Son?

Can You Explain 1 Corinthians 3:13 and 1 Corinthians 4:13?

Should You Now Also Expose Spherical Earth Propaganda?

Is the Time of "Jacob's Trouble" Necessarily Futuristic?

Does Isaiah 45:5-7 Mean That the Devil Does Not Exist?

Can Satan Stop Us, or Hinder Us In Our Plans?

Should the Ministry Still Be Paid for Spreading the Gospel?

Is It True that Certain Verses in Revelation Don't Describe the Earth as a Sphere, or a Ball?

When Will Evolution Die?

Why Did Jesus Call Himself the 'Son Of Man'?

How Come There Are No Sketches or Drawings of Jesus By the First Christians?

Is Modern Humanism Different to Renaissance Humanism?

How Can You Have 'Three Days and Three Nights' Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

Should We Reject All Church Traditions in Favour of "Experience and Revelation"?

Did Jonah Die in the 'Great Fish'?

Is It Time to Update Your Article on Tithing?

Will God Forgive 'New Apostolic Reformation' "Prophets" Who Are Not Sent by God?

What Was the Sin of Daniel in Daniel 9:20?

Do You Stand with Dr Kent Hovind on His Form of Creationism?

I Am Disturbed by the New 'Courts of Heaven' Teaching. Can You Help?

What Did Paul Mean By His Remarks in 1 Corinthians 15:8?

What Do You Make of Ezekiel 38-39? I Continue to be Perplexed!

Why Do You Assume You Are Correct?

Why Do Atheists "Hate" God?

Can We Really Be Forgiven Of All Sin? I Sometimes Worry...

But When Was 'The Faith' Actually Delivered?

Where Did the Quote in James 4:5 Go? Is It Lost?

How Could Zechariah and Elizabeth Be 'Blameless Before God' When 'All Have Sinned'?

How Much Longer Will the Liberal Media Represent Christians Simply as Nice, 'Touchy-Feely' People, But Not as People to be Taken Too Seriously?

I Met Somebody Who Used to Know You. Do You Recognise This Description of Yourself?

Can Robots - in the Future - Have a Consciousness? Is This New Worry Justified?

Why Can't I Send My Tithes To You?

Can You Explain 2 Corinthians 5:14-15?

Who Are the Souls 'Under the Altar' in Revelation 6:9-11?

Is God Punishing America with Hurricanes?

What is the Meaning of Esau Finding 'No Place of Repentance'?

Can You Solve the 'Globe Earth/Flat Earth'Controversy?

Can You Explain Revelation 6:9-10 in the Light of Psalm 6:5 and Ecclesiastes 9:10?

Can You Explain Ecclesiastes 7:1?

Aren't You a 'Propagandist'?

Do I Support 'Flat Earth' Theory?

Are Only 144,000 To Be Saved From All the Ages?

Why Would an All-Knowing God Create a World of Such Cruelty?

Can You Briefly Explain Four Scriptures?

In What Way - If Any - Is Josephus Authoritative on the Old Testament?

What is the Meaning of 'We Have an Altar From Which They Who Serve at the Tabernacle Have No Right To Eat'?

Should We Attend the Funerals of Unbelievers?

I Have Recently Become a Christian; How Do I Counteract Calvinism?

Is Anything in Revelation 21:24-26 About the Practice of Tithing?

Is It Prohibited For Us Christians to Defend Ourselves, and Should We Refuse to Loan to Others?

Why is the World in a Mess? Is it Because of What Happened at the Beginning?

Can You Define 'The Great Tribulation' and Say Whether Catholics Too Will Be Persecuted?

In What Way is '666' Stamped on Nero?

Can Animals Be "Intelligent"?

Does Matthew 24:13 Make 'Staying Faithful' a Human Work Which Can Save Us?

Your Thing on Revelation 20 Has Confused Me. Surely Revelation is a Book Entirely Concerned with the Future?

I Have Read Hebrews 4:1-11 Time After Time But Still Don't Understand It. Can You Help Me?

Is Not Daniel a Book to be Sealed Until the Time of the End? And Is Not Revelation a Sealed Book That Was Opened?

If Something Bad Happens To Me, Then I Must Have Done Something Wrong - Right?

Does One Need a Degree in Theology to Understand the Bible and to Know God's Will?

Where Do You Stand on 'The Prophetic Witness Movement International'?

What is the Meaning of Jesus' Parable of the New Wine in Old Wineskins in Matthew and Luke?

What Age Will the Saved Be in Heaven?

What Does it Mean, 'Sanctify Them Through Your Truth; Your Word is Truth'?

Can You Explain What the Death of Christ Brings to Mankind, For You and for Me?

Can You Explain Romans 2:13?

What is the Difference Between the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and How God Uses the Spirit for Believers Now?

Why Should We Not Bring Harm on our Enemies? Was Paul Being Hypocritical?

Can You Explain Ephesians 3:10?

Can You Explain Revelation 16:13 Please?

The Church is Being Judged Now; But How?

In Your Statement of Faith Are You Saying that One Can Be Saved Without Trusting in Jesus?

Does Not Romans 7:7-12 Support the Law and Sabbath?

Shouldn't It Be 'Faith OF Jesus Christ' in Galatians 2:16?

Should I Undertake a "Church Covenant" with a Specific Congregation?

Where Does the Old Testament State The 'Three Days, Then the Resurrection' Prophecy of Jesus? I Cannot Find It!

I Am Astonished That You are Taking the Bible Seriously in 2018; What Hope is There For Ignorant People Like You??

What Do You Say About the 144,000?

Where in the Bible Does it Say Where Satan Gets His Power?

So We Have Yahweh, Jehova, Yehova, Father ... Does it Matter?

You Are Wrong About Hell, and Many Other Things...

We Know that our Lord Temporarily Went to Hell, But For How Long and to Which Hell?

Should the Church Seek Tongues Speaking in our Day?

What Happened to "the Lost Ten Tribes"?

Did Antiochus Epiphanes or the Jesuits and Pope Fulfil Daniel 7:25?

I Don't Know Why Matthias Was Added to the Apostles When Paul Could Have Been Added; Can You Help?

Where Is It Stated in the New Testament that the Spiritual Gifts Ended with the Apostolic Age?

Do Women Have an Extra Rib Because of Genesis 2:21-22?

Was Homosexuality the Only Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Did Matthew Simply Double the People in His Miracle Stories?

Why Did God Not Tell Moses, Aaron, Joshua and All Those Old Testament Luminaries That Obedience to the Ten Commandments and All Those Other Laws Could Never Save Them?

Why Did the Lord Require New Brides to Prove Their Virginity in Deuteronomy 22?

Why Did King David Suffer so Much Sorrow and Anguish Despite Being Rich and Powerful?

Can an Adulterous Pastor Continue in Ministry?

Why Am I An Insomniac? Does Not God Promise Good Sleep to His People?

Can You Please Explain 1 Corinthians 9:20-22?

Is It True That God Cannot Work Where There is No Faith?

I Receive Terrible Trials. Why Are People at Work so Unfair To Me?

Could You Unpack All of Romans 11 - All in One Session, Please?

Why Did Paul Need Soldiers to Protect Him? Isn't God Our Protective Guardian?

Why Did God Even Allow a Fallen World to Reject the Lord in Favour of Satan?

Why Do We Experience the Shame of Having to Use the Toilet?

Is There Any Way We Can Know When God Created the Angels?

Is Hell in the Centre of the Earth?

Just read Robin Brace Exposition on Rev 20. How Do WWI & II and the Holocaust Fit into the Picture?

Any Connection Between Two World Wars, the Holocaust, Islam and Paul's Comments About Hagar and Sarah?

What is the Meaning of Song of Solomon 2:15?

Do We Christians Have the Right to Defend Ourselves From Injustice in this World?

Surely Acts 3:6 is an Example of 'Positive Confession'?

Does the Bible Allow us to 'Cast Lots' in Our Day?

Are the Jews Cut Off From Christ?

Is Your Site Not Secure?

Did Paul and James Really Disagree About Faith and Works?

A Catholic Friend Says We Must Be Made Perfect Before We Can Be Saved; Isn't This Perfectionism?

Is the Earth Really "Many Millions of Years Old"?

How Could Satan Have Offered Jesus "All the Kingdoms of the World"?

Should Evangelical 'Born Again' Christians Consider Greek, or Eastern Orthodox Believers as "Fellow Christians"?

Can You Explain the Meaning of Luke 7, Where Jesus is Anointed by a Sinful Woman?

Can You Explain Paul's Meaning in Philippians 3:7-11?

There is Wonderful Doxology in Colossians 1:15-20; I Would Love to Have You Bring it All Out

Does Colossians 2:13-15 Make the Christian Life Look Too Easy?

Did Jesus Lie About Only Speaking in Synagogues and in the Temple?

What is the Meaning of Luke 16:1-9? ?

Comparing 1 Corinthians 6:10-20 with 1 Corinthians 10:23-25, What Were Certain of the Corinthians Claiming About Sex? Also, How Would You Explain Paul's Response to Them? ?

Can You Explain the Meaning of Luke 17:1-10?

Can You Unpack 1 Corinthians 7: 37 - 38 in Relation to Revelation 14:4, Particularly What John Means by "Defiled"?

Should We Avoid All Possible Association with '666'?

Can You Explain Ephesians 4:7-13?

What on Earth Can Galatians 5:1 Mean?

Can You Better Explain Acts 6:1-15; And Was Stephen Given the Right to Perform 'Great Wonders'?

Is Joyce Meyer a Good Authority for Christian Growth?

Loved What You Wrote on Globular Earth Belief -Are You Going to Get Into the Lunar Landings Too?

Can You Please Explain Matthew 7:6?

Didn't Christianity Steal Ideas From Mithraism?

Has God Yet Brought Ezekiel 5 to Pass? Is It Fulfilled?

Do the WCG Still Persecute You?