A Question I Was Asked:

Why Did God Cause Me to Inherit a Sinful Nature Against My Will?

The Question:

...it just seems so unfair that I was born with a sinful nature without a choice. Why would God do such a thing.

UK Apologetics Reply:

You sound very much affected by modern liberal reasoning! You almost seem about to demand "your rights" to be born in a certain way when - but for God - none of us would even have the gift of life in the first place! God caused us all to receive the breath of life, He alone is the Creator and Master Potter. It is for Him to direct and fashion things as He wishes. He not only gives us the great gift of human life but also the potential to eventually be the very sons and daughters of God, through the resurrection from the dead. At that time our present strictly temporary life becomes translated to Eternal Life! We may then inherit all things. (Revelation 21:7, NKJV). Now I happen to think that that is a pretty good deal indeed. But, yes, He fashions things as He alone chooses because He alone is God. I would simply say that eventually God learns a lot about us through seeing how we handle our sinful natures. The important thing to know is that Jesus Christ alone is the doorway to Eternal Life. Read John 10 in its entirety.

Robin A. Brace. June 12th, 2012.