A Question I Was Asked:

Surely We Must Follow the Sabbath Example of Jesus?

The Question:

Did the apostles and Jesus worship on the Sabbath, as instructed by God when he spoke the 10 Commandments to Moses? If Jesus did, are we to follow his footsteps? Surely the answer is yes.

UK Apologetics Reply:

My! - these Sabbath/Lord's Day questions certainly seem to come in my direction!

Are we to follow the teaching on the Sabbath which came from Mount Sinai, forming part of the old covenant? Actually no, indeed, to do so would amount to a most grievous misunderstanding for the disciple of Christ!

Yes, Jesus and the Apostles - as Jews - would have been raised to keep the 7th day Sabbath but, as the inaugurator of the New Covenant, Jesus pointed to a new and broader way. He Himself fulfilled the entire meaning of the Sabbath (the observance of that day only had relevance to the people of Israel and identified them). See Matthew 11:28-30. We know from several places, including Acts 15, that the Sabbath was not to be passed onto Gentiles as a required observance.

Paul the Apostle initially entered synagogues on the seventh day in order to reach Jews, and perhaps especially to reach the Gentile 'God-fearers' among them, but Paul was preaching on the First Day of the week (Sunday) well before the end of his life. See Acts 20:7.

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Robin A. Brace. March 31st, 2012.