A Question I Was Asked:

Doesn't Human Progress Prove Evolution?

But Human Progess Has Been Fuelled Through Christianity - Not Evolution!

The Question:

Doesn't human progress in many fields prove evolution? I admit I don't swallow all of what you called Dawkinsianism, but how would you answer where the human race have now reached from our 'caveman' days?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, "human progress" does not back up macro-evolution at all. It has nothing to do with it. Good, solid education along proven and demonstrated anthropological, ethical, and scientific principles has brought Mankind to the place of being able to do some quite remarkable things, with men being able to construct great dams, to understand more about illness, health and hygiene, the ability to send men into outer space, and so on. All of this has been accomplished by good education becoming increasingly available to an ever-increasing percentage of the human race. Good, sound science teaching has played an important role in this process, but from the widespread influence of Darwinism this process has started to stall. During the last hundred years 'scientism' (God-denying naturalistic science) has increasingly sought to control all science teaching; everything now must be underpinned by evolutionary teaching. But outstanding human progress has brought us to the present point largely unfettered by Darwinist ideas. This is not just my view but the record of history - look it up!

Strangely, even as it is increasingly becoming evident that many assumptions of evolution were/are just plain wrong, guided more by philosophy than by sound science, evolutionists have stepped up their propaganda and rhetoric. These people are striving to divert scientific progress into a narrow and naturalistic blind alley in which only men and their learning can be adored. The formerly rapid progress in human understanding has now stalled as theorists and their theories have substantially taken over large areas of the scientific establishment. Only where groups of researchers separate themselves from these influences is genuine progress going ahead. You can name almost any number of the great scientists of the past who helped advance civilisation and brought us to where we are and they were not evolutionists.

Human progress has been fuelled by Christianity - not by evolution, indeed Christianity is the true foundation of modern science. Today this is conveniently forgotten by atheistic modern liberals who want to disparage Christianity any way they can, but these people cannot change the record of history. Note this:

It is significant that the early pioneers in modern science were men of deep Christian faith. For Copernicus, the first astronomer of the scientific revolution, God was personally responsible for all the activity in the heavens. His radical ideas were contained in his book On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, which was published in 1543, the year of his death. The regularity he was discovering in the movements of the planets was, for him, a manifestation of the faithfulness of a loving Creator.
Galileo (d. 1642) invented the hydrostatic balance and discovered the laws of dynamics from observation of falling bodies. However, he is chiefly known for his achievements in astronomy. His discovery of the four satellites of Jupiter on January 7, 1610, with the aid of the newly invented telescope, revolutionised the study of astronomy. He has been called the first modern scientist and his work confirmed the observations of Copernicus. He regarded his science as illuminating the work of the Creator. For all his quarrelling with the church he remained a devout Christian until he died.
Kepler, the German astronomer, a contemporary of Galileo, was also a devout Christian. His discovery of the three laws of planetary motion laid the foundation for Newton's theory of gravity [Newton was also a believer]. He [Kepler] regarded his study of the physical universe as "thinking God's thoughts after him."

(From 'Exploring Christianity - Science' - http://www.christianity.co.nz/science4.htm).

The 19th century saw the single biggest impetus in scientific knowledge going around the world, much of this directed by Christian missionary organisations sending teachers and preachers to many nations, opening schools, hospitals, teacher training colleges and much else.

Today almost all the civilized world's educational establishments preach the 'evolution gospel,' immediately seeking to indoctrinate their students in Neo-Darwinism, allowing no room for contrary beliefs. Incidentally, 'educational establishments' not only refers to schools, colleges and universities - National Geographic and the BBC are also two 'educational establishments,' and quite major ones, and both now refusing to teach science outside a closed, naturalistic evolutionary bubble.

I close with another quote from the fine and scholarly 'Exploring Christianity,' website:

Modern science has grown out of Christian soil. This has been documented by many people, not necessarily Christians themselves. It was stressed by such writers as Alfred North Whitehead, the widely respected mathematician and philosopher, and J. Oppenheimer, who wrote on a wide range of subjects related to science after becoming director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton in 1947. More importantly, it has been amply substantiated within the new discipline of the history of science by scholars such as Duhem, Crombie, Jaki, Nebelsick and Kaiser.

So the very odd modern idea that Christianity is ignorant and based on superstition just won't wash, the other very odd idea that 'science' and Christianity' must necessarily be opposed to each other is also hogwash. Christianity not only supports modern science but was its founder! Only foolishly misguided theoretical naturalistic 'scientism' (not science at all) is opposed - or should be opposed - by Christianity.

Conclusion? Human progress from the first known civilisations, circa 3,500 BC, to the present, has not been fuelled by evolution, a teaching which only dates from around 1859 AD (and was not generally accepted for probably another 75 years after that). But a very, very strong case can be made that human progress has been fuelled by Theism and Christianity-inspired education becoming more widely available, especially since circa the 16th century.

I am well aware that 'the evolution gospel' preaches that the human race knew virtually nothing before Darwin; that is, of course, pure and unadulterated nonsense. For sure, some evolutionists speak of "the incredible progress of man" and mean something quite different; they assume that our forefathers were apes, but it remains the case that there is no proof (or even convincing evidence) of this. It continues to be in the realm of supposition, theory and assumption and against several of the demonstrable laws of science. Atheist propagandists like Richard Dawkins may write many books based on such an assumption but it remains just that: an assumption entirely without any convincing evidence.

Robin A. Brace. October 30th, 2012.