A Question I Was Asked:

What About the "Last 200,000 Years"?

The Question:

I watched a most interesting science program. Part of it was about "climate change" but other things were brought into it as well. Suddenly the presenter said, "What we can see from the weather of the last 200,000 years is..." My question is: Where do these people get the data from to go back that far? I told my wife that no such data even exists. Was I correct?.

UK Apologetics Reply:

The woman was told, in mouth open wide amazement, that her ancestors came over from France three million years ago...

Yes, you are perfectly correct. I too have occasionally heard such claims on "scientific" programmes. Often they will make such claims as to what was happening upon this earth countless thousands of years ago, or even many millions of years ago, whereas we biblical Christians know that this earth is almost certainly less that 8-10 thousand years old. I must admit that my wife and I usually laugh when such ridiculous time claims are made on such programmes. Of course, there is no possible data to back up any such claims; no data can possibly go back for more than a very few thousand years. The rest is hype, supposition and speculation - according to theory. It occurs because both Darwinism and uniformitarianism are assumed to be correct. These theories give scientific theorists a 'blank canvas' of many millions of years to play with, so they can talk about things "evolving" over incredibly large periods of time.

The amazing thing is that all the real evidence points to quite a young earth (see this month's 'Age of the Earth'), but scientific theory is currently enslaved to a truly diabolical theory, that of 'macro-evolution,' which blinds many millions of people to the true origin of this earth.

One of the most silly, but rather amusing, wild claims we have ever heard was on a geneaology-type programme aired by the BBC several years ago. We have never forgotten it. A so-called "expert genealogist" was called upon to tell certain people their 'original genealogical family history.' A rather stunned woman was told - in all seriousness - that her family "almost certainly emerged from France 3 million years ago." My wife and I looked at each other and collapsed in laughter. The unfortunate little woman who was told this was left in an expression of true, mouth-open-wide shock, even the BBC interviewer seemed to struggle not to laugh, but the genealogist took himself completely seriously even though no possible data from any conceivable source could ever back up such a claim. Once again: family history can be traced back maybe a few hundred years in the best case scenarios. Earth civilisation history, with very careful archaeological study and evaluation, can get us back to something like circa 3,000 BC, but nobody can get back beyond that. If anybody tells you otherwise, that person, I have to say, is attempting to pull the wool over your eyes and is heavily relying on unproven and unprovable theory.

What was the weather like 200,000 years ago? Now we are truly in fantasy land, something along the lines of Alice in Wonderland or dancing fairies. We should all be constantly astonished that some supposedly highly-educated people prefer to live in such a land. It's a bit like supposed "climate experts" telling us what the weather will be doing 50-100 years from now at a time when UK 30-day 'long range weather forecasts' have now been suspended because of their incredible inaccuracy!

Robin A. Brace. September 1st, 2012.