A Question I Was Asked:

Is There a 'New World Order/Coming World Government' Plot or Not?

The Question:

I read your writings a lot. Generally, you seem to reject all conspiracy theories and you believe that Satan is the master conspirator. I do not disagree with that at all. But I also read somewhere where you wrote that the 'new world order/world government' conspiracy theory is now becoming hard to deny. Could you elaborate?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Certainly. My general approach is that Satan is indeed the true master conspirator and some of these other theories tend to distract from that.

Having said that, I do believe that there are nuggets of truth in certain other things which have become 'conspiracy theories,' but they tend to become over-embroidered by their often somewhat fanatical supporters.Things tend to get 'tagged on' over time.

The coming 'new world order/world government' theory is a little bit different. I do honestly feel that there is now pretty much overwhelming evidence that certain powerful and influential people and committees are indeed plotting to bring such a thing about; this is hard to deny when several very notable people, including former President Bush (senior, that is), quite openly spoke about it and about his support for the concept. I also have no doubt that the United Nations, while presenting this 'facade' of a wholly decent and compassionate organisation, contains within it certain sinister and, frankly, evil influences and doctrines. They certainly appear to be in support of the 'new world order/one world government' concept. The UN has been at the forefront of the world-wide encouragement of abortion, and the world-wide teaching that overpopulation imperils our planet (even though this idea was dismissed long ago as being based on bad science and on a disgraceful and dishonest manipulation of statistics).

Yes, I know, there are some pretty odd and impressionable people out there who support the 'coming new world order' theory, but that does not make it wrong. There are also some pretty strange people out there who believe in the Second Coming of Christ, but that does not make it wrong - the day will indeed dawn when our Saviour returns (but none know the day nor the hour)!

Getting back to the 'United Nations,' their very own IPCC ('Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change'), is now quite widely accepted to be corrupt and in need of serious reform because of their encouragement of the spreading of silly and unbased horror stories, and it could be said that the United Nations and the European Union stand as two of the most financially corrupt organisations upon earth - there are others, of course. There seems to be little doubt that the international banking system is in support of such organisations which could be instrumental in moving toward the final goal of one world government.

Moreover, stories simply won't go away that private panels/committees continue to meet in the furtherance of the concept of 'one world church/one world religion.' However, whether they would ever succeed in this mission is an entirely different matter.

I think that any such conspiracy (toward one world government, or one world 'church') is liable to be unsuccessful, at least in the short term. If such things are ever to occur, it is hard to believe that they are even close at the present moment, but - there again - I could be wrong! I understand that even Hitler was told that his dream of a Nazi Germany was fifty years away when the reality came about within a decade!

But I do believe that Britain itself was at the centre of a 1960s political conspiracy, although it has never - somewhat amazingly in my view! - ever actually turned into a 'conspiracy theory.' British society altered at a most astonishing pace from, circa 1957-1967. 1950s Britain was a country which was solidly conservative in attitude, but the election of Harold Wilson's Labour government in 1964 quickly led to the opening of 'a can of worms' - a whole series of measures and new laws were introduced in order to attack the country's solid Christian heritage. There was a concerted attempt to overturn a strongly Christian Britain, turning it into a liberal, leftist, permissive society. Without question, Roy Jenkins was one of the 'leading lights' in this work, a 'work' which often went on behind closed doors, despite no permission or mandate ever having been received from the British people; The Brits did indeed elect a Labour government but nothing had ever been said about so radically changing British society, taking it down such a new route. It has often been said that a visitor to Britain around 1955, if returning ten years later, would not have recognised it as the same country; just to take abortion, illegal abortionists had been among the most hated people in British society in the 1950s, yet by 1970, abortion was enshrined in British law and government-supported; this was imposed upon the country by leftist, atheistic MPs for - I am convinced - the average Briton still hates abortion.
Robin A. Brace. January, 2nd 2012.