What Message Does It Give When We Are Refused Interviews?

Certain Christian Organisations Don't Want to Speak To Us...

I don't say this to be boastful but UK Apologetics - we now understand - is the top European-based Christian teaching website; our 'hits' figures are somewhat incredible and - as a result - I am kept very busy answering questions which come in.

Recently (2012) both International House of Prayer (commonly known as 'IHOP' - website here.) and Cathedral of Praise - website here, have refused UK Apologetics an email interview. This follows on from Nick Gumbel of The Alpha Course refusing us an interview in 2008. My subsequent article on 'Alpha' is here.

This is in marked contrast to Joshua Daniel of The Layman's Evangelical Christian Fellowship who willingly granted us an email interview in 2011. This worthy gentleman knew that one or two of my questions would be somewhat tough and challenging but he was only too happy to submit to that. The interview is here. In the summer of 2011 I also interviewed Andrea Williams of Christian Concern. That interview is here.

For my part I have submitted to email interviews with Robert Jones of Living Waters, UK, which is here, to the students of a Singaporean college which is here and to the Canadian blog site Canada Shrugged. In the case of the college, those students were only concerned to ask me questions about evolution.

I like email interviews and would like to make them a greater part of our work. They work surprisingly well. Obviously no real costs are involved and you just need to get two people together with their email systems open. Obviously it also works best where there is complete honesty. For my part, once there is an agreement over the questions, I deliver those questions and wait for a response. Sometimes that response comes a bit later but I don't see that as a problem. At other times, when I get hold of the right person, the process is very quick, just a matter of the two of us swapping a few emails, often over less than an hour.

In the two recent cases of 'IHOP' and 'C of P', they were aware (the former especially so) that there would be at least 2 or 3 questions on financial accountability/donations/tithing etc., and their refusal to address such matters to us might be said to be interesting. I say no more than that, and I accuse no one - but for sure, one might draw certain conclusions.

Robin A. Brace. April 25th, 2012.