A Question I Was Asked:

Could One Even Be Healed by a False, or Quack, Healing Preacher?

The Question:

Could one even be healed by a false, or quack, 'healing preacher'?

UK Apologetics Reply:

In a word, yes, it could happen, moreover - on occasion - it probably has happened. How come, one might ask? Because healing is according to the faith of the individual. If a person looks to that person in complete faith, even seeing the work of Christ in that 'healer,' then a true, divine healing could take place. The faithful but possibly naive person would need to be looking - in faith - straight to God for such a healing.

However, we should all understand that the day in which there was a sort of 'blanket' Christian healing ministry, as one of the 'signs of the Apostles,' has now gone, because the Apostles have now gone. The presence of Jesus, or the first century Apostles, was enough to heal those in their presence who required healing. That has - quite obviously - now gone; now we pray for healing for certain people on an individual basis. The power to heal was one of the 'signs of the Apostles,' please don't allow any modern-day preacher to tell you that they are a "modern-day apostle," because that office is now closed:

'The things that mark an apostle - signs, wonders and miracles - were done among you with great perseverance.' (2 Corinthians 12:12).

'Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.' (Acts 2:43).

For more information, the reader may wish to look up What are the Signs of an Apostle?

Despite the multitude of so-called charismatic "healing evangelists" around in our day, I tend to doubt (though I cannot be sure), that our Lord has granted any of them unusual gifts in this area, so they are left with encouraging people to be positive about any prospect of their being healed (never, of course, a bad thing), with auto-suggestion, and with hypnotism (a hypnotized person may indeed feel that they are healed, although usually only for a day or two).

I have personally prayed for the healing of certain people over many years, I have seen the incredible and dramatic (including our son's dramatic healing from meningitus), several other quite dramatic examples, plus slower - but just as definite - healings of the Lord. But I have also seen examples where the Lord was clearly saying, 'No, this person's time has come,' or where His supreme will was clearly that the trial was actually spiritually beneficial for that person (as with Paul's 'thorn in the flesh'). On one occasion I sat down and prayed with the father of a very sick young man. As soon as I started praying, the knowledge seemed to be placed directly into my mind that the young man would certainly die and I should be careful what I said. I simply prayed for the family in their trial and asked the Lord to strengthen them for the greater trial which lie just ahead. The young man died a few days later.

But faith is an active and powerful thing in its own right, therefore a person may still be healed by their unusual faith, yes, even in the presence of a 'healer' of dubious reputation and/or questionable understanding.

Robin A. Brace. December 2nd, 2012.