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Is The Earth Only 6,000 Years Old? How Long Since Adam Was Created?

The Question:

Is the earth only about 6,000 years old with a millenial "Sabbath" soon to come? From things you have written I guess you might reject this although I know you are a 'young earth' creationist. I would be interested to know your angle on this. How long, do you think, since the creation of Adam?

UK Apologetics Reply:

The Bible nowhere gives an age of the earth. The idea that we are in a 'creation week' - somewhere towards the end of day six - has absolutely no biblical authority.

However, I am indeed a 'young earth' creationist. I believe that the evidence that we are in a relatively young earth as part of a relatively young universe is actually really abundant. That outstanding evidence is currently rejected because the naturalistic scientism of our age has heavily bought into Darwinism and Uniformitarianism. My belief is that our earth is somewhere between 6,500 and 8,000 years old, but the concept of a 'week' of seven thousand years has absolutely no biblical foundation. When the Scripture states, 'With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day ' (2 Peter 3:8), that is simply a way of stating that God dwells outside of, and beyond, time which is meaningless to Him within His own existence. However, He certainly created time for His creation to live within. Of course, God has a time schedule for this earth, but you and I can never learn exactly what that is.

Calculating our present date from the Old Testament record is far harder than it might seem for several reasons, including the Hebrew tendency to 'round up' odd years. In short, if a king reigned for 9 years and 3 months, that would tend to be viewed as a ten year reign.

Various attempts have been made to ascertain how long ago since Adam was placed on this earth but nobody can be absolutely sure. Perhaps the most famous of these is the calculation of Archbishop James Ussher who stated a date of 4004 BC way back in the 17th century. He said that the time and date of the creation was the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC. If he was correct we are now about 6,017 years from creation week. The Septuagint scholars (who translated the Old Testament into Greek) are said to have calculated the creation date to around 5500 BC (which would make our present year 7,513). Other dating attempts include Clement of Alexandria (5592 BC), Julius Africanus (5501 BC), Eusebius (5228 BC), Jerome (5199 BC) Hippolytus of Rome (5500 BC).

Estimates from more recent centuries include Isaac Newton (4000 BC), Johannes Kepler (April 27, 3977 BC), Theodore Bibliander (3980 BC), Melanchthon (3964 BC), Martin Luther (3961 BC), and John Lightfoot (3960 BC). If the latter were correct that would make our present year of 2012 about 5,972 years since creation, but these lower estimates are very, very questionable. The Byzantine calendar, meanwhile, has traditionally dated the creation of the world to September 1, 5509 BC, making our present year 7522 from Adam. That, in my view, must be somewhere close to where we are now, although I obviously could not guarantee this.

Not all young earth creationists give creation dates under 10,000 years; Harold Camping, for example, dates the creation to 11,013 BC, while back in the 19th century, one Charles Josias Bunsen apparently dated the creation to 20,000 BC.

My own opinion? Frankly, I have no idea, but circa 7,000+ years would seem somewhere more or less correct bearing in mind the Old Testament events which must be fitted into this time scheme. A few continue to insist that the creation is only 6,000 years ago but there is no theological reason to insist upon this, it is also becoming increasingly daft to insist upon this. I well recall seventh day people insisting on this time scenario way back in the 1960s/1970s, many of them still insist upon this even when it becoming increasingly obvious that we are now probably 7,000 plus years beyond creation.

Robin A. Brace. April 15th, 2012.

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