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Is There Any Truth in Curses?

The Question:

Is There Any Truth in Curses? Where do you stand?

UK Apologetics Reply:

I think there was a time - a few years ago - where too much of evangelicalism behaved as though it had all the answers (the very worst of stateside fundamentalism still often behaves like that). But we don't have all the answers - there are things we do not yet understand perfectly. Oh, we know all about the great principles of the Faith, but how these things, and especially the more peripheral things, break down, or pan-out, on a day-by-day basis is not always completely clear. I think in the past we tended to say, 'there can only be one answer to this,' and we were very black or white. In that, we were a bit legalistic and unprepared to apply the spirit of God's law. In short, we preferred to stand by the Ten Commandments - rather than the Sermon on the Mount. That amounted to immaturity in the Faith.

I think that this is well demonstrated in the evangelical approach to homosexuals. We have tended to say, 'homosexuals are sinners who will burn in Hell!' But wait - how does that measure up as pastoral care? All people are imperfect, all people have problems. We should move on from some of those things, we should mature in the Faith, we should show more compassion, although this is not to say that we should merely go along with all the erroneous trends and concepts in modern liberal society.

Now in this area of the understanding of what a curse is - and what it is not - we have, again, tended to play it safe, we wanted to 'provide an answer' - nothing bad about that but sometimes it is an indication of maturity to say, 'look there are things here we cannot be completely clear on, but here are some biblical pointers to look at.'

So in this answer I am simply going to provide links to two of my earlier answers to questions which touch on this overall area. Are they a complete blow-by-blow understanding, or treatise? Absolutely not, but the approach therein might prove helpful as one seeks to understand more in this difficult area:

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Robin A. Brace. September 25th, 2012.