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The British Are Dying Out!

This is no Joke: The Latest Population/Demographic Figures Point to a Truth Which Politicians Still Refuse to Confront

Increasingly the typical Briton is an older person. In the much-favoured southern coastal areas, up to 25-30% of the population are over the age of 65; these are mostly British born but obviously past the age of active contribution to the economy...Young immigrants typically move to the cities and will increasingly drive the economy in the years ahead.

I n a sense it is to be applauded that most people coming to live here in the British Isles say that they would rather come here than almost any other European country (apart from Germany). Nevertheless, the latest British population figures again point to a truth which (we have no doubt) the 'movers and shakers' of British society will once again refuse to own:

The true British are not only in decline, but in quite a rapid one at that.

The average child-producing couple of British descent are now only producing 1.7 children on average rather than the 2.2 children needed to replace themselves. Burgeoning population figures mostly only reflect new immigrants and their greater willingness to produce children.

On July 17th 2012, John Bingham of The Telegraph reported this,

"Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show that the population of England and Wales grew by 7.1 per cent to 56.1 million, twice the rate recorded in the previous decade. When the census results for Northern Ireland and an estimate for Scotland are taken into account the UK population stands at around 63.1 million, up four million in the past decade; almost equivalent to adding the entire city of Manchester each year. More than half the population growth has been driven by immigration, with two thirds of immigrants coming from non-EU countries.

The official figures also show:
England is now the third most densely populated country in the EU, behind only Malta and the Netherlands. In London, population density levels are 16 times higher than in the rest of the country."

Bingham went on to report:

"...The growth in the elderly population of England and Wales has created a stark generational divide, with older people coming to dominate swathes of the South West coastal areas, East Anglia, and Wales while younger people have gravitated to big cities looking for work.

Overall the census showed the largest population increase over a single decade since the first modern census in 1801 and the biggest increase by percentage for a century. But, despite the dramatic surge in the population, it emerged yesterday that the true figure could be higher still.

The ONS disclosed that there were almost 480,000 more people living in England and Wales. Yet some councils immediately began to voice fears that their populations had been underestimated. Officials admitted that more than one in 20 households had not filled in the [recent] census form, forcing them to rely on a partial estimate."

So a clear pattern is emerging. Increasingly the typical Briton is an older person. In the much-favoured southern coastal areas, up to 25-30% of the population are over the age of 65; these are mostly British born but obviously past the age of active contribution to the economy. The new surge of younger, child-producers are typically immigrants who move to the towns and cities of the Midlands and to the east and southeast of England. Increasingly, these people are driving the economy. Why? Because they are industrious, and they (mostly) actively look for well-paid work. At a rate of only 1.7 children being produced by the average native-born Britons, it is clear that the British by descent are declining. The widespread availability of abortion - and its widespread acceptance by the leaders of society - is one of many reasons why this has been occurring. In complete contrast, many immigrants come from active child-producing places (such as Roman Catholic-dominated eastern Europe and Islamic Asia).

British politicians have repeatedly resisted the widespread findings of many opinion polls showing that the British want much stronger immigrant controls. The last Labour government obviously completely lost control of this but the promises of the Cameron-led coalition government that this matter would be finally brought under control have already been revealed to be mostly empty promises. Perhaps more seriously, no British politician that this writer is aware of has made any call for the native British to have more children and to start refusing the seemingly inviting tentacles of the abortion-encouragers. No one (of course) is prepared to take any kind of a moral stand upon this issue for fear of being laughed at in this increasingly post-Christian, secular society.

None of these comments should be construed or interpreted as 'racist' in any manner. The comments are concerned with culture and demographics. It is we British who must be prepared to protect and preserve British culture. It is neither racist nor xenophobic to be concerned to re-establish traditional British values, that would most certainly include giving greater authority to Christianity and to restoring the respect which this nation's national religion once enjoyed. Yes, I state "national religion" because despite the growing influence of secularism it remains the case that just about every opinion poll shows that we British continue to strongly support Christianity as a national religion. Fundamentalist atheist Richard Dawkins may hate this fact but he cannot deny it.

In the Mail Online on the same date Steve Doughty reported:

"Around 55 cent of the population increase was a result of immigration, the Office for National Statistics said. The overall effect is likely to be far higher, as immigration has also contributed to the rising birth rate. Census estimates on this area are expected later this year. Yesterday's figures prompted more calls for reductions, following a decade in which hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans were allowed to settle in the UK after the expansion of the EU. Immigration minister Damian Green said: 'These figures are firm evidence that Labour let immigration run out of control.'"

The same report highlights some of the effects of the population/demographical changes:

Pensioners now make up nearly a sixth of the population, the census has revealed. Figures show there are almost 900,000 more people aged over 65 than there were a decade ago, as life expectancy continues to rise. An estimated 16.4 per cent of the population, or 9,223,000 people, are over 65. The population's average age has risen to 39 - four years older than at the beginning of the Sixties.

Mr Doughty continues:

"The news comes at a time when the Coalition has promised to bring net migration - the number of people added to the population each year by immigration - down to the tens of thousands. So far no dent has been made in the net migration level of around 250,000 a year left by Labour. Sir Andrew Green, of the Migrationwatch UK think-tank, said: 'This census confirms the impact of mass immigration on our population. We now find that even the official numbers previously understated the scale of net migration by 14 per cent and even this does not account for the illegal immigrant population who would not complete the census form. Nobody wants to see the population grow at this rate.'"

Nobody, however, is bemoaning the danger of the loss of 'Britishness,' for fear of being labelled 'racist.' Yet it is a very real and stark danger. We believe that traditional "Britishness" is a wholly admirable thing which should not be too easily lost. I heard of an American who went to London about three years ago. He wanted to employ young British people but he couldn't find any! Applicants for the jobs which he offered certainly poured in through his doors, but he found that almost every European country was represented and several Asian ones as well.

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The Christian Hawk. July 18th, 2012.