A Question I Was Asked:

'How Could God Have Found the Time to Create the "Big Bang" If There Was No Time Before Then?'

The Question:

You say God created time. Stephen Hawking says time was started at the Big Bang. So if God created the Big Bang and Time, there was no time prior to that. But if there was no time before this, how could God have found the Time to create the Big Bang? Therefore God could not have existed.

How would you respond to this statement?

UK Apologetics Reply:

The answer is that God did not need to "find the time" to create the world, because He Himself is not subject to time!

God created time for the physical realm of beings (which He created) to live within. He Himself is obviously not subject to it - He dwells outside of, and beyond, time. You speak of the 'big bang,' but that is not a biblical concept which I have to defend, just something which scientists have come up with to explain the fact of creation (they don't like that word, 'creation' - but they do know that the physical realm of things came into existence suddenly), so Christians don't have to explain the 'big bang,' but the ordered divine creation which is all around us. So your question is assuming that God Himself is subject to time, but He dwells outside of, and beyond, time.

With due respect to Stephen Hawking, I am somewhat amused when you state, "Stephen Hawking says Time was started at the Big Bang." Are you saying that Mr Hawking was there at the time? Obviously not, therefore anything which Mr Hawking, or any other scientist, might state on the matter, can only ever be supposition, theory or conjecture. Having said that, the time system which the physical Creation would be subject to, probably did indeed start at Creation. I am not going to say "big bang" because - although the theory recognises that Creation did indeed commence at a specific point - it remains no more than a theory. I explain God's existence outside of, and beyond, time in Does God Dwell Within, or Outside of Time?
Robin A. Brace. January 17th, 2012.