A Question I Was Asked:

Why Does the Incredible and Fantastic Tend to Captivate People? What Power Does It Have?

The Question:

Why does the incredible and fantastic tend to captivate people? What power does it have? People no longer seem to want the simple message, they want the dramatic, the spectacular, the mind-boggling. Most of all, they want a good conspiracy. Isn't that true?

UK Apologetics Reply:

This has always been the case and I am sure, always will be. We are told, as an example, that David Icke's website has a truly incredible number of hits. Mr Icke claims various incredible and fantastic things, including his belief that Queen Elizabeth II is part human and part reptile. He supports just about every conspiracy theory which has ever emerged including a few which seemingly contradict each other. I have nothing against the man and - just here and there - there could be nuggets of truth in some of his claims - but, I think, no more. But his support is huge.

Certain human personalities always seem to be attracted to the extreme, especially where the flavour is conspirational. Moreover, most of us love a good mystery thriller, or good science fiction. As a child I loved good science fiction; unfortunately the abundance of very poor science fiction (Doctor Who, for instance), finally put me completely off the subject.

When the 'Worldwide Church of God' (so-called) finally put their collective hands up and admitted that Herbert W. Armstrong had been hopelessly wrong on scores of things which he - and subsequently they - had once dogmatically claimed and taught, it offended a lot of people. Yet one can spend a morning in any good, well-stocked library and discover that many of his claims were just nonsense - I mean, folk-lore level at best; yet he associated some of these claims with "the teaching of God's own 20th century apostle" (which he claimed to be) and "the truth which churches have suppressed," it was nonsense but people fell for it in their thousands! Not only fell for it, but sent their "tithes and offerings" into him on a mighty scale. I knew some of these people; when some of them finally had to accept the errors of 'armstrongism,' all too many of them went looking for other extremist teachings. They wanted something extreme to support. I have told some of these people that Christianity is really quite a simple message; some refuse to believe that, they want an intrigue, a conspiracy, a great mystery which it has 'only been revealed to them' to understand. What can you do for such people?

I suppose it is all about the power of the human imagination. That incredibly vast scope of our imaginations/creative thoughts are a strong sign that we are made in God's very image. Unfortunately, as fallen beings, our imaginations are subject to errors and to being manipulated by others. It has always happened and it will probably keep on happening.

The irony is that there really is one master conspiracy and it is perpetuated by none other than Satan the devil! But most of these wild, zany and weird conspiracy theories out there don't even believe in a literal devil. So the proliferation of what one may call widespread mental/spiritual deception actually masks the truth about what is really going on. I guess that people can't make enough money out of the truth so they prefer the sensational; most of the time though, they really don't see the truth.

If you want something sensational, what Satan has done is pretty sensational in its own right; he has, after all, convinced countless thousands of the teachers, educators and 'thinkers and shakers' in this world that he does not even exist (since their is a marked inclination for people to follow such 'educated people,' that is clever). Not only that, he has deluded most such people into believing that macro-evolution is 'the truth' about our origins. Biblical Creation is increasingly being looked upon with a tongue firmly placed in the cheek, that is, it is seen as a nice enough story for children, perhaps, but real science??? What a joke! Yet the amazing thing is that 'real science' continues to support Genesis, and the evolutionary alternative (widely loved and supported by "the intelligentsia" though it is) results from the decision to pursue 'philosophical naturalism' - that is, that there is no supernatural world out there and that the physical realm is all there is. Yet all the known and demonstrable laws of science do not actually support macro-evolution at all. Simply as just one example (of which there are many), it is well-known that life can only come from life - no reputable scientist doubts it! Nevertheless (because of support for philosophical naturalism: that is, the physical world is all there is), scientists say that life on this planet originally evolved from a certain inanimate slime-like substance which "just happened" to have the right chemical balance. No scientist can do that in any laboratory experiment, of course. They will not say that 'divine creation is the most obvious explanation' because that would be philosophical super- naturalism. Evolutionary theory does not allow for it.

Actually, it can be known right now that the concept that 'the physical world is all there is' is erroneous, but don't count on any evolutionary scientist telling you this. The presence of information in the universe disproves the popular 'scientific view' - why? Because information does not belong to the physical world - it is not matter, it is something mysterious which is simply 'out there.' Likewise, it is known that the brain (a physical object) is not the same thing as consciousness - human consciousness is a complete mystery to science! They cannot explain it. They do know that brain does not equal consciousness. They know it is an incredible and mysterious thing. Christians, again, can explain it.

Satan, then, has convinced many thousands not only that both he and God do not exist, but that evolution explains everything within life. It is all, of course, a great lie. So with such an incredible conspiracy, why dream up other ones? Satan is the master deceiver/conspirator. He will encourage any and every other conspiracy where it masks the truth about his own devious workings.
Robin A. Brace. December 1st, 2011.