A Question I Was Asked:

Can Satan Feel Emotions? Can He Read Our Minds? Does He Know Who Will Be Saved?

The Questions:

My questions are: Can Satan feel emotion? Can the demons feel emotion? Do you think he and his "angels" rejoice when someone is damned into his fold as heavenly angels rejoice when one is saved? Along with that question is: Can the devil read our minds? Or is he that good that he simply can just read people from doing it for so long? I know God knows our thoughts even before we think them, but can Satan "mimic" the same thing?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Putting together such Scriptures as Matthew 4:3; Matthew 8:16; John 10:10; Revelation 12:10 and other Scriptures too, it is clear to me that Satan and his demons do feel emotions but that they are firmly directed to, and for, an entirely evil purpose. This spirit being (Satan), is now firmly set on a course of evil. Hate, envy and anger are emotions, Satan feels them and so, presumably, do his demons.

I believe that Satan and his demons do indeed rejoice when people fall into serious sin, but I don't think God allows Satan or the demonic world access to the knowledge of exactly who will finally be saved, so Satan is like one constantly throwing out blows in the hope - and it can only be hope - that one such blow will prove to be fatal, leading to damnation for some individual. God will not have revealed to Satan who will finally be saved because this is divine knowledge only known to God and His angelic host. God would not grant such conclusive knowledge of just who will sit at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to one who is full of hate and rebellion because it would give him far too much power.

Satan knows so much, but not everything. The demons could know of various future events, for example, I have heard stories which suggest that they sometimes know when certain family members are about to die but - even there - I would doubt that they would know such things in every single case. God allows them so much knowledge, but it has limits.

Make no mistake: Satan and his army of demons are real beings - but they are spirit beings - yet they are fully cognisant of human emotions and how to use them to cause serious anger, doubt, hatred and malice in human hearts but it seems that people still do have a level of choice as to whether they will follow such negative leads. If they do not follow, the demons move away, if they do follow, demons will attempt to increase their influence.

Can the Devil and his demons read human minds? I believe that, yes, they are fully tuned into what people are doing and feeling, but especially people who reject God, or that amount of the knowledge of God which has been granted to them.

Can even Christians be influenced by Satan? His influence here is much less, but, yes, in moments, and periods, of weakness he may well be able to come 'on-line' to Christians, especially backsliding Christians, and attempt to negatively influence them, but actual possession would surely not be possible for the true Christian.

Expanding upon what we are saying here, societies which have more fully 'bought into' satanic devices, such as voodoo, the Nazism of Hitler's Germany, the communism and ethnic hatred of societies such as the Cambodia of Pol Pot, formerly Maoist China, are, in my opinion, going to find demons and satanic influence especially active in encouraging despicable and evil acts.

In more general terms, ungodly people who indulge in alcoholism and drug abuse are also laying themselves very open to evil influences because they are not maintaining control of their minds but opening themselves up to possible outside influence, or even possession. Allowing bitterness to fester in the human heart is another condition which demons seem to love to exploit.
Robin A. Brace. October 12th, 2011.