A Question I Was Asked:

The People in Liberal Churches Are Unsaved - Right?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Its not that simple. I have no doubt that our Lord even has people in liberal places of worship. A few years ago I went through a "regular preacher" phase, I got out preaching quite a lot. While my desire was always to preach to Bible-believers, all too often I preached in places seriously affected by liberal theology. I made an interesting discovery: I found people who appeared to be truly converted who attended these places. This interested me. Sometimes the leaders were compromised by liberalism even while several within their congregations seemed utterly sincere and certainly in support of biblical Christianity. They appeared to look beyond the man (or, woman) who led the congregation and see somebody who was "still learning." Also, truth is: it is very hard for certain people to leave a particular church, especially if it is a place that their family/families always attended.

Therefore I don't think that we should conclude that liberal places of 'Christian worship' do not contain any true believers. It is possible to look beyond the pastor (be it a man or woman) and to see Christ, even where a leader or leaders are flawed. One may celebrate Christ in communion, pray sincerely, and sing hymns with a truly sincere heart. Moreover, I am convinced that some can even listen to a 'liberal' sermon but take spiritual food from it, the Holy Spirit residing within one filling in the omissions which the liberalism has caused. Personally, I think that such people should seek a more biblical place of worship but they frequently do not and there you have it.
Robin A. Brace. September 20th, 2011.