A Question I Was Asked:

Should the Government Pass Laws to Drive Out the Prosperity Teachers?

The Question:

Are there any campaigns on legalising the church? We suffer so much from these prosperity preachers in African Churches and they carry on as a law unto themselves. If the government stepped in, I know that would put an end to it. Most are illegal immigrants anyway, siphoning this money off to their own countries. I am an African myself and cannot stand the deception that goes on.

UK Apologetics Reply:

I agree with your anger and frustration at the prosperity merchants (which I share) but I don't think that we want government to be interfering in Christian congregations. Take my advice on this: Here in the UK we already have suggestions that our very liberal government intend interfering within churches, even telling us that we must be prepared to employ gay youth workers and must not refuse to marry couples because they are unknown to our congregation etc., etc. Indeed, new laws now mean that British churches cannot refuse to employ somebody on the grounds that that person is gay, and a church has already been prosecuted for doing so. I fully understand your frustration, but government legislation on churches and Christian worship is nearly always bad. Things work best for Christianity when church and government are entirely separate. The real need is for stronger leadership coming from biblical leaders.

But I do make one exception: I think that governments should pass laws tightening up this charity tax concession business. Many churches - and even cults - claim this. The claim is that a particular church operates as a genuine charity which - as we all know - is frequently not the case. It is done for taxation reasons. A few years ago somebody wanted to send us a donation, but the man withdrew when I pointed out that there are positively no tax perks for doing so. I'm afraid that that man was not a genuine giver.

It is high time that all biblical evangelical Christians - yes, even from several denominations - united to isolate the prosperity crooks and gangsters which - in many cases - is exactly what they are. I'm afraid that here in the West we have just tolerated these people when we should be actively warning Christians to avoid their influence. It's all very sad.
Robin A. Brace. May 25th, 2011.