A Question I Was Asked:

Do Some Christians Almost Invite Persecution?

The Question:

I was following the 'hotel controversy' in Cornwall [England] in which Christian hoteliers refused a room to two homosexuals. While they can be admired, was there not naivety in this incident? Surely we should all recognise 'the times and the seasons'? Like it or not, we are entering a period in which Christians are liable to undergo persecution here in Europe. Would you make any further comments on this?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Yes, I must say that I am largely in agreement with you. Look, persecution will come, in fact it is here, but to go out and invite it is not wise. Regarding this Cornish hotel case, we supported this couple in prayer yet, frankly, one has to wonder about certain aspects of this case. It seems that these hoteliers were purposely targeted by the "gay community" who were looking for a 'test case' to fight. I'm afraid that these Christians just seemed to fall into their trap. The whole thing raises even bigger questions, of course, such as, is it really for hoteliers to be the moral judges of the people?

If one pays for a double room in a hotel, is it really the right of any such hoteliers to question the moral standards/moral behaviour of the renters of that room? Many of us would feel that, no, it is not. Should one not just accept that room rental in perfectly good faith, while preferring to believe the best about people? Or should one suspiciously 'eye' people as possibly being secret homosexuals or secret adulterers? After all, sometimes two men or two women will indeed book a double hotel room for various reasons, including financial - no immoral behaviour to be found anywhere!

Hoteliers, after all, are plainly not pastors nor priests, neither do they have divinely-granted spiritual insight into the lives of those who might wish to book rooms with them.

So, yes, in common with many British evangelical Christians, we prayed for these hoteliers at the time and I am not being personally critical of them here, but, the more one considers the whole thing, the more one has to believe that, not only were the couple possibly targeted by the local gay community, but that they themselves possibly lacked some discretion and wisdom in how things were subsequently handled.
Robin A. Brace. March 7th 2011.