A Question I Was Asked:

Who Appointed You?

The Question:

Is it true that nobody ever appointed you to your job on the internet?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Questions like this one sometimes make me smile. The term, "self-appointed" has come to be seen as either a bit derogatory at best, if not a very negative description. I can partly understand that, since we ourselves sometimes describe modern-day 'prophets' and 'prosperity teachers' as "self-appointed." However, I claim no such grandiose title for myself as "prophet" or "God's appointed spokesman in these last days" (which I see that somebody is - modestly - claiming for himself). Regarding myself, I am simply a Welsh theologian, holding a Bachelor of Divinity honours degree (which I had to work very, very hard to attain, I might add), who would like to attempt to help sort out some of the theological mess which has increasingly crept into modern-day Protestantism.

Bible study has genuinely been a very long-term passion for me so I am actively involved and actively interested in this whole thing. I also write as a very experienced preacher. At university I studied the language of the New Testament (common Greek) fairly exhaustively, so I think that my credentials are not bad. I have also studied Christian doctrine, as well as the common beliefs of the cults and sects to a rather deep level.

My passion is Christian Apologetics (the explanation, defence and upholding of the Christian Faith), but I think the associated areas which I have looked into can only be beneficial for this ministry. I have, for example, also studied modern history and politics. But do I see myself as something like "God's truly anointed servant"? I make no such claims and I carefully avoid all similarly grandiose claims; let others judge, if they must. I am an evangelical (Bible-believing) theologian and, for sure, I am only prepared to be corrected by the Word of God.

If the questioner is inferring that somebody should have appointed me to my internet evangelistic role, then who, might one ask?? I am, of course, a qualified pastor but have never pastored a local church but seem to have a very 'loose' worldwide pastorate. So I saw the need out there and set out to help out in what, to my mind, is a very grievous situation. Having said that, I do believe that our gracious Lord has led me to where I now stand, but I make no claims beyond that. My complete independence means that I am answerable to no group nor denomination but I will always be answerable to Christ.
Robin A. Brace. April 20th, 2011.