A Question I Was Asked:

"Will the Bible Be Around Forever?"

The Question:

Is the Bible (God's preserved word) eternal; meaning, will God cherish and keep "his word" for the rest of eternity, or is the Bible simply a guidebook for life which God chose to hand to the human race?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Any answer to this question is partly speculation since the Bible does not give us too much guidance on this. Basically, your second idea is certainly true: the Bible is for men and women on this planet right now. Will it be around forever? I think it probably will be but I also think of Paul's comment of 'now we see through a glass darkly' - the Bible makes that glass a little clearer. For sure, it is mainly an instruction book for Mankind in a fallen world. There is a huge amount we would not have known without the Bible unless God had chosen some other way to reveal truth to His people.

However, we must be very careful to avoid giving the impression that divine spiritual truth can ever be imparted by words printed on paper - that cannot happen. The real revealer of spiritual truth is the Holy Spirit. People open the pages of the Bible but the degree to which they learn from it is dictated by the activity of the Holy Spirit. I believe that He allows a little truth and understanding to most of those who who look into the book, but a full comprehension of the book only to a few and these will be people prepared to be chastened and instructed by its message.
Robin A. Brace. January 12th, 2011.