A Question I Was Asked:

'Who is Ronald Weinland? Surely He is Not Yet Another Armstrongist "Apostle"?'

Armstrongism Rears It's Head...Again.

The Question:

'Who is this Ronald Weinland? Surely he is not yet another Armstrongist "Apostle"?'

UK Apologetics Reply:

Yep, I'm afraid that Ronald Weinland is indeed just that. Weinland heads up yet another of the now numerous Armstrongist groups. He calls his own group, The Church of God, Preparing for the Kingdom of God, or, 'The Church of God - PKG.' It is starting to get really hard to keep counting these Armstrongist groups all of whom - of course - see themselves as "God's One True Church." They keep splitting, then splitting again, so become more and more numerous as groups although, I am convinced, remain very small in total number. What they teach is always the same old story: only Herbert W. Armstrong was God's true servant, the Worldwide Church of God (as an organisation) went into apostasy in 1995, or thereabouts, when all the "true believers" left. Basically, all of these groups teach this. Usually their own leader should now be considered as 'God's apostle on earth,' or at least something like 'God's own true pastor general.'

Ronald Weinland has now stated that August 5th, 2012, "...is day 666 to the return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2012" (source: http://www.ronaldweinland.com/). So he has set a date for the parousia. Mostly Armstrongists have not gone that far, but a few have. In his 5th August, 2010, post Weinland also states,

"Not only is God going to intervene and prevent mankind from annihilating himself on May 27th of 2012, but He is holding back the traumatic suffering that will begin once that Second Trumpet sounds. This constraint on the sounding of the remaining trumpets is also being done in order to grant the “potential” for more people being saved. Ultimately, however, it is each individual’s choice to humble his or herself in order to be saved."

"Worldwide devastation and massive suffering would already be here if it were not for God’s purpose to “manifest” the depths of His mercy and to grant His Church answers to their prayers to save more people."

Lest a few misunderstand, "His Church" here refers to Weinland's Church of God -PKG, it does not refer to worldwide Christianity, nor even to other Armstrongist groups!

Weinland has now promised "new truths" to be revealed at his 'Feast of Tabernacles, 2010':

"This year’s Feast is going to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling spiritual Feasts that God has ever inspired! God will establish four additional doctrinal truths that will be given at this Feast. Two of these truths have been referred to only in passing (in the very slightest of terms), but they have not been focused upon and have not yet been taught and established as doctrine in the Church."

"God gave the 50th Truth which led us to understanding the correct timing for the return of Jesus Christ. In Worldwide, we had come to believe that Jesus Christ would return on a Feast of Trumpets, however, with the revelation of this truth we came to understand that Christ would return on Pentecost—specifically, Pentecost of 2012."

So there is no doubt that Weinland is here setting a date for the Second Coming!
Weinland further believes that,

"...the 144,000 were sealed by the Feast of Trumpets in 2008 (Sept. 30th). It was on this day that the eras of God’s Church ended, with the final Laodicean Era coming to an end."

Ronald Weinland is surely being very unwise to so specifically set dates in this manner. Of course, Armstrong himself set a date for the parousia of 1975 but he was clever enough to later point out that the dates were assumptions based on the best information he had at the time and only appeared in about two booklets (although also in quite a few of his 'co-workers letters'), the dates were never official church policy (as Armstrong's apologists will always tell you). But Weinland has gone further and if - as many of us certainly assume - he will be proven incorrect, it will be especially hard for him to resist charges that he is simply a 'false prophet,' indeed, simply the latest of a line of Armstrongist 'false prophets.'

Weinland is of course not slow to attack other Armstrongist groups (although all of them teach more or less the same thing), but like all Armstrongist (self-appointed) "Apostles," he believes that he alone is 'the end-time Elijah' and, therefore, the 'anointed of God.'

"The numerous groups that have formed from the scattering that took place during the apostasy of the Worldwide Church of God in December, 1994, are busy responding to what God is currently revealing to the Church through me as His end-time Elijah. They are quick to find fault in order to belittle and ridicule what God is now revealing."

"Some are much like the Pharisees who were always so quick and eager to find fault in anything Christ taught. They seethed at the notion that God would work or say such things through a man like Jesus. Yet in actuality, they were finding fault with the very Son of God, their very Passover Lamb."

One could quote more but the placing of oneself on such a grandiose spiritual pedestal is a most shameful thing and there is no reason to dwell on such error which can come close to blasphemy at times.

This is not the place to refute the central tenets of Armstrongism since we have done that at length elsewhere. The reader may wish to consult Recovering From Armstrongism, we are simply lamenting the errors of yet another exponent of this very flawed theology, and a 'theology' which can be fairly readily overturned by some research in even most major city libraries.
Robin A. Brace. August 17th 2010.

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