A Question I Was Asked:

How Much Encouragement and Support Do You Receive From British Evangelicalism?

The Question:

'I am enormously impressed by your work, especially since so many "Christian websites" now preach the prosperity message. I am an American but I come to your British website to receive solid spiritual instruction. American evangelical and Protestant Christianity seems to need a new reformation - yes, from it's very roots. It's real distressing.
How much encouragement and support do you receive over there from the English evangelical Christian community?'

UK Apologetics Reply:

First of all, thank you for your very kind remarks concerning our work.

I'm afraid that the situation is almost equally distressing over here.

How much encouragement and support do we receive from the 'British evangelical Christian community'? Frankly, absolutely none whatsoever!

Although we have become well-known and noted in some circles, I have never (as far as I am aware) had a single British Christian leader or leading preacher come to me to congratulate us, or to express an interest in working with us in some way although, certainly, a few local preachers have - on occasion - e mailed some nice comments to us. In my naivety, about three years ago, I contacted about three leading British evangelicals and asked if they would like some involvement with us or to contribute some material to us. Their disinterest was pretty much complete! The irony is that although some of these were well-known names, in most cases we are accomplishing more than they! However, they will not give us any credit (although they really like us to 'plug' their books!).

I have also been warned about jealousy coming from a few British ministers, although nothing is ever said to my face, or indeed, to me personally by way of e mail. A few think that UK Apologetics should be controlled by some local church, or some evangelical council; they are not happy that the major Christian teaching website in Europe is largely controlled by this guy who just spent many years in biblical research and study, ending up with a theology degree. Although they cannot deny that I am a biblical preacher, they would like me to be a committed member of a denomination, but I am not. They would like me to be part of 'churchianity,' but I am not. This ministry is non-denominational although we give credit to the denominations where we can. Right at the beginning I went to the Evangelical Alliance. I said that I was prepared to be associated with them. They replied by asking me how much money I was going to send them! I said absolutely none!! End of possible relationship.

There is so much wrong with the British churches at the moment that I have no intention of handing this work over to some church council, or council of ministers. Frankly, denominationalism is now dead although many still refuse to acknowledge it's demise. What separated the major denominations is no longer considered important, what really matters is whether one is faithful to the gospel and recognises the absolute supremacy of Christ. But any proposed 'church council' could be comprised of some of the very people who have presided over the mess we are now in! Having said that, I would love to form an informal board of no more than about 4-6 Christians to help me with some decisions, to offer some input. As things stand, UK Apologetics is the result of one man's sweat and toil over many years (mine!). Yes, I would love to share the burden a little, but compromise is right out. I would not give up editorial control because I have seen too many 'good, sound Christians' go into heresy! Does that make me arrogant? Maybe. I would just love the Evangelical Alliance to be the sort of body which would come to me and say something like, "Hey, the work you are doing for the Christian gospel is wonderful. Can we help in some way?" I would probably say, 'Well, I am now a senior citizen and my wife is in poor health; we live on a very tight budget. I would just love you to take over the paying of our web hosting charges which have to be paid every March. Now that would be a real help!' Of course, no strings could be attached. But I don't think that is going to happen.

But, to answer the question, frankly we receive no help from the 'British evangelical Christian community,' (as you put it). Just individual Christians - many of them in the course of a year - get in touch and offer us thanks for this work. Although an increasing number of these are British, they are scattered throught the world. We are grateful to them for their encouragement.
Robin A. Brace. August 21st, 2010.