A Question I Was Asked:

What is Your Opinion of the Lectures of Peter Russell?

The Question:

Peter Russell is a most marvellous lecturer on human consciousness and on the faulty paradigms of science. He explodes many of the ideas and concepts of modern science. Unfortunately he then ties in his conclusions to New Ageism instead of to biblical teaching. What do you think of him?

UK Apologetics Reply:

I agree with you. Peter Russell is a most marvellous lecturer employing - quite a lot of the time - simple common sense to show that materialism is wrong and that there is a God element in the human mind. He is particularly adept at explaining how consciousness is a miracle which cannot be explained by the purely physical workings of the brain. He also teaches that light itself is a miraculous property which cannot be explained by modern science. His learning would be a marvellous tool for Creationism, unfortunately, he is not a creationist, in fact, I believe that he does support a kind of evolution though his New Ageist evolutionary model would have little in common with the teaching of people like Richard Dawkins.

For sure, it seems almost tragic that this very bright man has tied his colours firmly to the mast of New Ageism/Mysticism. One can listen to him lecture for over an hour and he sounds very similar to a creationist although he quotes mystics rather a lot. It is surprising when, towards the end of his lectures, his New Ageist prejudices become clear. Basically he believes that consciousness is the great miracle and every human being enjoys this because every human creature is a god, but he insists that the miracle of consciousness goes down to the lowest creatures, whereas us Christian believers would state that human consciousness is a miracle which is very different to animal consciousness. We have it because we were made in God's image. It is very different to the consciousness of animals. Yes animals too can think but they cannot write symphonies or design cathedrals - there is a very marked difference. So Mr Russell appears to teach that the only reality and only truth in the world is consciousness; matter is just how our minds explain what is around us. When you try to tie down matter, nothing is really there; an atom, for example, being over 98% empty space (which is true).

Sadly, Russell finds no place for the reality of human sin in his teachings, nor in mankind's need of a Saviour; he believes that people themselves are the ultimate miracle, apparently believing that there exists no need of the revelation of Jesus Christ.
I stumbled upon a Peter Russell lecture by complete accident when going through the channels of satellite TV. Yes, for quite a while I assumed that Russell was a creationist but he is not and his "spirituality" is defective; interesting to hear him but I won't watch him again.
Robin A. Brace. November 15th 2010.