A Question I Was Asked:

Why Do You Never Write About the Rapture?

The Question:

Why Do You Never Write About the Rapture?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Because the Bible never writes about it.

The Bible never discusses either a "rapture" or a "millenium." Both concepts, despite being held by very well-meaning and sincere people (especially within the United States, far less so elsewhere), are imposed upon certain Scriptures. These are Scriptures which the majority of Christian believers in numerous countries, and throughout almost two thousand years, have mostly understood differently.
The 'rapture' concept is loosely based on no more than about two Scriptures with no corroborative scriptural support from elsewhere.
The 'millenium' schema is substantially based on just one verse in just one book (Revelation). It insists on literalism in a book which is almost never literal but is heavily symbolic. It then marries this idea to various Scriptures in books like Isaiah which have generally been understood differently by Bible commentators.
Robin A. Brace. October 25th, 2010.