T he day will dawn - probably much sooner than you would ever believe - when you will no longer be allowed to hold your own religious beliefs. Your religion will be state-approved, that is, it will be the official state religion. Beyond that, religious beliefs will not be tolerated.

Sounds crazy?? No, it's not as crazy as you may think! Even now - YES, RIGHT NOW - plans are being drawn up for a future world religion. This is happening, of course, mostly out of the public spotlight. When I first heard this suggestion (around five years ago), I utterly rejected it since I have never supported conspiracy theories, but now the evidence is very strong and although my Christian writing style has never been of an apocalyptic type (and it won't change now), I feel that I must warn people.

For some while the belief has been pervasive among certain religion-rejecting academic liberals that one official world religion will lead to world-wide harmony. This obviously highly flawed and actually rather silly belief holds that the eventual disallowance of most of the present religions would help facilitate a universal acceptance of whatever policies a future world government might decide to impose. Once the format of the new world religion is decided, the plan will be to eradicate all other religions, especially fundamentalist ones, within a certain space of time, perhaps 15-30 years, perhaps a little longer. People like former British prime minister Tony Blair and arch "global warming" propagandist and conspirator Maurice Strong are said to be highly enthusiastic about the progress which has already been made in mostly 'out of the public spotlight' moves. I have been stating for some time that eventually, evangelical, Bible-consulting Christian believers will be subject to arrest in countries like the United States and the UK. Yet I have never supported conspiracy theories - it's just that the evidence is growing and things can't continue to just be ignored. For any who might scoff, I will just point out that here in the UK, even during the last 2-3 years, the government has been active in promoting anti-Christian legislation, of course they call it "legislation which is tolerant of freedom of choice and modern lifestyles." That is the gloss, but it is just anti-Christian. For example, we are now very, very close to the point where to make comments which are critical of the homosexual lifestyle, could lead to one's arrest by the police (Christians have already been arrested when attending pro-gay rallies when their only 'aggression' was to be friendly while handing out Christian leaflets).

The coming world religion will never challenge the state since it will be state-controlled. It will be liberal in general approach; it will be 'people-friendly' and assume (of course) that no God actually exists and that religion is only about people feeling good about themselves, about being happy, contented, keen to tap into one's "inner spiritual resources" and eager to cooperate with the authorities. Without question, people will be encouraged to 'look within' for their true spirituality and will probably be taught that Christianity has erred in encouraging people to serve and obey a transcendent God who is 'out there somewhere.' We may recall that Korah, the rebel who challenged Moses, believed that the people of Israel were holy within themselves, having little need of a Moses who spent time contacting an omnipotent and transcendent God who dwelt out there somewhere beyond the ordinary lives of people.

The general belief seems to be that the new religion will have three sections or arms, the first based on Catholicism, but with a strong 'New Age' mystic tinge, the second based on Islam and with an Eastern section containing many elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and eastern mysticism. The first 'arm,' I understand, will have no pope. Rightly or wrongly, I have been informed that, with the current hard-line pope, efforts are already well underway for liberal 'Catholic' activists to create and encourage disatisfaction and disaffection within liberal Catholicism as a first step towards an alternative, non-papal Catholicism. The belief is that a hard-line and conservative pope, such as Pope Benedict, can only help liberal Catholicism to grow.

The concept that only a state-sanctioned religion should be allowed for the individual is hardly new - it has been done before. The Jesuits practiced this in much of their south American missionary work, the medieval Catholic Church practiced it in much of Europe, but possibly the most outstanding blueprint was the European Communist Eastern bloc; this was officially atheist but, of course, there was indeed a state-sanctioned religion, that of communism! The individual was expected to slavishly worship and serve the communist ideal and state. Nobody can deny that the populace were taught to revere Marx, Lenin and Stalin with edifices and monuments to their "achievements" to be seen everywhere and pilgrimages encouraged to important places in red history.

For many years the communist bloc upheld the Orwellian concept of a "thought police," and neighbours reported on their neighbours, cousins reported on cousins and, with promises of rewards, even children sent in reports about their own parent's "uncommunist activities." One might say that this is plainly a failed model since Christianity is again strong in Russia and communism is in big decline but many world religion theorists are steeped in Marxist social theory and do not necessarily reject everything in the Soviet model. Russia and China remain - even now - the two major surveillance states (that is, states which are most keen on watching their own people), disturbingly, the UK, with CCTV cameras plastered across it's towns and cities, is now considered to be in third place!

In his article, Avatar and the Coming One World Religion, (which is here: http://goodfight.org/a_v_avatar_one_world_religion.html), Joe Schimmel successfully points out the relationship between the new blockbuster movie Avatar and the push toward a new world religion. The movie comes, of course, from avowed anti-Christian propagandist James Cameron who currently enjoys enormous influence in Hollywood. Such movies which attack Christianity have become amazingly frequent during the last few years. Apart from 'Kingdom of Heaven,' which suggested that Christians have been the real 'bad boys' of history and muslims have been the 'good guys,' wrongly persecuted by Christianity, there have been several lower profile attacks on Christianity, such as in the 2000 movie, 'Chocolat.' Attacking Christianity is an undeniable Hollywood trend.

Al Gore

Among other influential voices who have been pushing for a new world religion is none other than influential 'climate change' propagandist Al Gore. Gore, whose 'An Inconvenient Truth' global warming video, was slammed in the British High Court because of it's incredible errors, has long believed that a new world religion is required, as witnessed by his 1992 book, Earth in the Balance. He wants a religion rooted in 'Mother Earth' New Age concepts:

“This pan religious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization's responsibility for the earth is concerned…Native American religions, for instance, offer a rich tapestry of ideas about our relationship to the earth…All things are connected like the blood that unites us all.” (Al Gore, Earth in the Balance - Ecology and the Human Spirit, 1992, p. 258-259).

Gore complains that,

"...The last vestige of organized goddess worship was eliminated by Christianity." (Ibid, p. 260).

Gore continues,

"This point was made by the Catholic theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, when he said, ‘The fate of mankind, as well as of religion, depends upon the emergence of a new faith in the future.’ Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to re-sanctify the earth." (Ibid, p. 263).

Obviously, Gore wants a religion which will meekly support his environmental extremism. Presumably it will need to be one which does not ask too many questions about his own, huge, personal 'carbon footprint' (he is one of the major users of air flight in the western world).

United Religions Initiative

The 2000 founding of the URI (United Religions Initiative), website here: http://www.uri.org/About_URI.html, has caused a lot of controversy. This is said to be based on the UN ideal and carries the nice-sounding ideal of helping to build bridges between religions. Sounds really friendly and cosy! But the approach is theosophical - very certainly not Christian in any way. Many of the new members of this group are influenced by Buddhism and Brahmanic theories, certainly by pantheistic evolution and reincarnation. Certain pluralistic Mormons, Judaists, Islamists and Communists have committed to this effort because it fits their agenda. Oh, for sure, there is some input from liberal Christianity as well, but nothing within the new URI has any connection with biblical Christianity whatsoever. While appearing all very pleasant and friendly, groups like this are dangerous because they seek to dilute true biblical Christian doctrine in order that it should enjoy a wider appeal. These people, of course, are never true believers, they are philosophists and theosophists whose only goal is to have a happier world - they carry no understanding of a world beyond in a true biblical sense. Oh, Jesus of Nazareth is respected, but only as a great religious leader among many - nothing more.

Other Influences...

In the UK Apologetics 2008 article Coming to a Church Near You: One World Religion! we pointed out several strands of mostly (but not entirely) behind-the-scenes activity which have been going on to eventually facilitate one world religion. Here is one example:

One of the major works outlining the new 'humanist-religious' approach may be found in 'Towards a Global Ethic, An Initial Declaration,' which was written by Hans Kung, with associate Robert Muller... in 1994. This book has been described as one of the exciting and visible successes of the 'Parliament of the World's Religions' which was held in Chicago in late August of 1993. Signed by 200 "scholars and theologians representing the world's communities of faith," this document represents "a point of beginning for a world sorely in need of ethical consensus." It reaffirms a commitment to non-violence, justice and peace, and supports all persons right "to be authentically human in the spirit of our great religious, and ethical traditions."

We should point out that "to be authentically human" plus an excessive desire to be 'at one with the earth' are very typical aspirations of the mystical and often pantheistic influences behind all of these 'one world religion' moves.

The Need to Invent a "Coming World Calamity"

If a world religion is indeed coming, and the evidence is strong that many are busying themselves to make it so, one cannot say which of these several world-wide moves towards such a goal will be the most significant, very likely the most telling influences are firmly behind the scenes and we will learn little of them until the time is right. The general feeling is that the final pieces of both one world religion and one world government will not finally fall into place until the world becomes convinced of an impending calamity. The need to 'pull together' by all of humanity in the face of an emergency would probably be seen as imperative to those who would plot a world government and one world religion.

Will a non-existent 'threat to all of humanity' be invented and then aggressively encouraged? Is the plainly erroneous "climate change" fiasco (easily disproven by anybody with good access to all the relevant data) a dress rehearsal for this? Or was this the real beginning of the real and planned 'world-wide scare story' which might now have to be aborted due to too many leaks of perverted figures and statistics? This, after all, seems to be a scare story officially approved by the EU and thereafter embraced by leftist liberals in numerous countries. For sure, if the conspiracy theorists are correct, there is little question that something like "an impending threat to our planet" is going to be required for all of the pieces to fall into place. 'Climate change' has enjoyed a world-wide consensus which is striking, immediately being accepted by most educational bodies and several governments despite numerous flaws in the approach. It has displayed a surprisingly widespread willingness to cloud the true statistics and data in favour of an unproven philosophy. If this 'climate change' charade was intended to be the mega, global 'scare story' which certain people thought would lead to the pieces falling into place preparatory to introducing a world government and a world religion, it might now have to be revised. More likely, the invention of a calamity might still be just a few years away, but who knows?


You will read reams of information on the world wide 'net' regarding the "coming world government" and "coming world religion," probably a full 85-90% of it being in total error, so one should not believe everything one reads on this subject! Some stories and claims are preposterous and wildly exaggerated. Yet, beneath all of it, there seems to be a real truth which I have become convinced of. The concept of the plotting to form 'one world government' I am somewhat less convinced of, yet there too some pretty compelling evidence exists, however, I have no doubt at all that 'one world religion' is occupying a few hundred very able people (not true believers) on this planet at this very moment and the reality is becoming closer by the day. The truth is that even from the Liberal Protestantism of the 19th century, Christianity has been increasingly subject to influences which seek to make it a 'human' religion, mainly about the 'God within you' and such influences greatly increased during the 20th century. Existentialist theology started to write about the events of the passion of our Lord as "supra-historical," that is, as not actually occurring within human history but beyond human history; this placed the events of the crucifixion and resurrection firmly in the realm of the mystic. New Ageism has greatly expanded this influence and may now even be detected within the evangelical movement. Worship of an Immanent God is encouraged, with the concept of a Transcendent God often under fire. So-called 'Process theology' (which teaches that God has no more idea about the future than you or I) has encouraged things along the same Bible-denying path. True, biblical Christians, of course, must be determined to remain separate from any such dilution of gospel truth, holding to the true faith of our fathers, and to the Word of God. In some cases this might necessitate no longer attending a local church but only worshipping in one's own home (already a reality for numerous Christians in many countries).

Yes, liberals want nothing less than total control of your mind! They are quite prepared to attire their liberalism in any religious form as long as adherents are only worshipping at the altar of Liberalism itself.
Robin A. Brace. May 2nd, 2010.