A Question I Was Asked:

Why Would God Create Crocodiles and Killer Viruses?

The Question:

Look, I really like the Creationist view of this world but there are terrible problems with it which some Creationists do not face up to. They sometimes talk and write as though the created order is perfect apart from human sin; they see human sin as the only blemish, but that is not so; Why, for instance, would God create deadly crocodiles, killer snakes and killer viruses? Surely nobody can claim that these evils are caused by the sinful behaviour of homo sapiens?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, let us explain this.

We need to go back to the beginning. We can be assured that the original created order was perfect. When Adam named the animals they were, presumably, all peaceful. Today some animals remain basically peaceful but there is no doubt that the animal and insect kingdom, in general, is 'red in tooth and claw' (apart from non-carnivorous species). If one considers things ranging from deadly viruses to killer crocodiles, it becomes obvious that God allowed a fallen world - which had rejected the Lord in favour of Satan - to reflect the evil and merciless nature of Satan himself. So non-vegetarian insects and animals prey off weaker creatures. Certain creatures even came to reflect the hideous nature of Satan in their very ugly appearance (crocodiles, for example). But other animals continue to be beautiful and helpful to mankind, horses for example. Post-flood, God allowed other animals, such as fish, sheep and cattle, to be used for food; they are good and nutricious, although one may remain a vegetarian if one so wishes - there is no compulsion. The majority of such animals are essentially peaceful in nature, so God has still put some restraints on how far Satan's rebellion would spread within the animal kingdom.

We need to understand that when the human race rejected the opportunity to live in accordance with the ways of the Creator God, preferring the God-rejecting experimental approach to knowledge (which continues to this very day), they had to accept all the consequences of this action - not just some of them! So an originally benign creation became a potentially-dangerous environment: this was the price which the children of Adam had to pay. Of course, the wily and artful serpent never explained that part of the 'deal' to Adam and Eve! Yet, even then, God refused to allow certain animals and creatures to become enemies of mankind, but, as we have seen, some He certainly did allow.

Viruses are much more complicated, we are all surrounded by organisms which can kill the weak but are actually beneficial to the strong and healthy. Vulnerability in this area may simply be part of the price to be paid for a human body which has greatly degenerated in strength and vigour since the Creation of Adam. Yet Original Sin has an involvement there too but we must always avoid blaming present-day sin for sickness.

God also removed His protective hand from the creation in other ways, so there are sometimes earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, extreme cold in some regions and unreasonable heat in others and always the possibility of droughts. Yet God also gave men and women a fine, reasoning mind and a level of intelligence which reflects His own so He also knew that people should be wise enough to avoid many of these natural calamities, for example, in not building homes on flood plains, or near known or suspected volcanoes, and in seeking out more temperate climates.

So there you have it: we can be sure that the original Creation in which Adam walked with the Lord was entirely perfect and fully beneficial to mankind but rebellion always exacts a price and we see that today in our 'fallen' Creation; yes, this world is still often very beautiful but it is now potentially-dangerous, such is the price of sin. So while modern-day sin does not cause dangerous animals or earthquakes, the original sin in the Garden has set up a pattern which will be continually repeated until the 'restoration of all things.'

So we may see that "deadly crocodiles, killer snakes and killer viruses" (to quote the writer of the e mail) do indeed have a relationship to human sin.
Robin A. Brace. October 12th, 2010.