A Question I Was Asked:

Not a Question As Such - Just Keep It Up!

The Question:

"This is not a question as such, I really want to thank you! Most Christian Apologetics ministries do not go as far as you do in counteracting the anti-God philosophies of left wing thinking. They seem to stick purely to considering biblical verses and only broadly touch on such areas as Moral Relativism. Most of them do not even discuss the new western actively anti-Christian Atheism (although a few of them do) but your website really takes these things on.

Also, while some Apologetics ministries either ignore evolution, or else give teaching which is way beyond the layman, you not only explain with care, but also give us the very latest thinking on Darwin and evolution (in contrast to one Creationist site I was looking at and to the BBC's very old-fashioned glorification of Charles Darwin).

....This is exactly what today's believers need. I just want to say, 'thank you' and please sir: keep it up!"

UK Apologetics Reply:

Thank you very much for those positive and encouraging comments - they are appreciated! I fully believe that a Christian Apologetics ministry should touch on all the main challenges to the Christian Faith - especially those challenges which might be said to come from the 'intelligentsia.' I like to counter the anti-God philosophies coming from the academic world. I also have a passion to declare the amazing accuracy of Holy Scripture: we can count on it. Every challenge against Scripture has failed and Christians should take confidence in this fact. Much of the liberalism in modern Christianity is a reflection of the sceptical and often frankly atheistic Biblical Criticism of the 19th-20th centuries. That, in my opinion, is a failed area for those writers and today we should again take full confidence in the veracity of the Holy Bible - we don't need to be embarrassed about it. Thanks for your comments.
Robin A. Brace. August 21st, 2010.