A Question I Was Asked:

Did the People of Haiti Make a Pact with the Devil?

The Question:

I understand that Pat Robertson has said that the people of Haiti made a pact with the devil to free them from the French back in 1791 and this is why there is so much suffering on Haiti, including the recent earthquake. What do you think about this?

UK Apologetics Reply:

First of all, my understanding is that Pat Robertson did express sympathy for the suffering on the island and has even sent a team in to help. Yet again, the liberal media are jumping on this without getting all of the facts. To be frank, even if you or I might not agree with the TV evangelist, or might express the problems differently, does he not have a perfect right to hold his view? I become more concerned by the day at the liberal media's determination to destroy freedom of speech; here in the UK it is especially apparent and Christians are regularly coming under attack for holding the sort of views which one should surely reasonably expect Christians to hold.

There is no doubt that Haiti seems to be cursed and it has a very long history of a general acceptance of voodoo. Some might be surprised by my comments, but I will say this: if indeed certain people on Haiti made a satanic pact to rid their country of the French way back in 1791 (the French left in 1803), then I do not reject the concept that the people may have brought a curse upon themselves. Before anybody rails against me for saying this, let me just say that I have heard Africans themselves originating from various parts of their great continent claim that their own countries, or portions of their countries, are now cursed because the first Christian missionaries going to that region were rejected, or horribly murdered.

I knew somebody who went to Russia when it was still the Soviet Union. He later said to me, "If ever a great country is under a curse, it is that one. What a great and huge country - their people should be living in great prosperity because they have everything there but they live under the curse of communism. The Orthodox Church - once the lifeblood of the country - are castrated and made weak and useless, and Stalin, Lenin, and their associated thugs took over and made atheism the official creed." I think my friend got that right. Peoples, or nations, can bring these curses upon themselves. It was the same in Hitler's Germany. He rendered the Lutheran Church useless and sought to replace the German acceptance of Christianity with the acceptance of Nazism, much of it based on old nordic and teutonic pagan myths, and nearly all of it based on envy and hate. When the Germans accepted Hitler, en-masse (which - and we can't get away from it - they eventually did), they brought a curse upon themselves leading to their own utter destruction by 1945.

The Word of God seems to show me that peoples can indeed bring such curses upon themselves. Ancient Judah, for example, had everything. They inherited a land 'flowing with milk and honey' they even had the true Living God as spiritual leader! What an incredible honour, and an honour never bestowed upon any other people! Yet they eventually took these huge blessings for granted, they got arrogant, they sought after other gods. In turning away from such an incredible divine revelation, they brought a huge curse upon themselves, eventually being taken into national captivity by the Babylonians. A few hundred years later the descendants of some of these people rejected Jesus, sending Him to the cross, and actually preferring that the well-known robber Barabbas should live. Those events culminated in the utter massacre and destruction of Jerusalem in AD70.

Nothing I have stated here is anti-semitic, anti-Haitian or 'anti' anything else. Would any really suggest that a nation cannot bring a curse upon themselves when history offers us so many examples? Haiti is of course, the western part of the island of Hispaniola, the eastern part of the island being the Dominican Republic. Apparently the contrast between the two separate nations is absolutely stunning with Dominica enjoying great wealth, a beautiful country with many major golf courses and largely relying on tourism. Those who have travelled to Haiti from Dominica say that the contrast is stunning with amazing poverty in Haiti.
Certainly, Christians should do all they can to help following the recent Haitian earthquake and, yet again, it is the nations with the Christian heritage which are first in to offer help and truly generous support. Some things never change.
Robin A. Brace, February 3rd 2010.