A Question I Was Asked:

"Why Do You Support Corporate Fascism?"

The Question:

My hopes are that we as a world do something to stop the Corporate Fascists from destroying the world and poisoning its inhabitants. The amount of pollutants put into the air, the destruction of the forests and the total disregard for the earth will bring about Climate change and our demise....It appears that Liberal values which could be possibly interpreted as Freedoms are something you do not believe in - God has a lot to answer for, the mayhem he has perpetrated, the slaughter he has brought about and the wars he has caused - it's those that use his name to promote their own a agendas that we should be afraid of ... we should fear Christian Fascists - I was very sorry to read that you do not favor Marxism ... after all, isn't one supposed to love their neighbor - what sort of Christian are you?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, let's get this straight: it is because we are Christians that we must oppose the wholly failed and enslaving creed of Marxism which has only brought suffering to the world. It is also because we are Christians that we must oppose several other things, including things such as macro-evolution (unproven, unprovable, non-evidential and never capable of being demonstrated in any sort of laboratory experiment). Christians, you see, believe in a certain honesty of behaviour and in a high ethical standard so we are not too easily swept along with rather silly theories no matter how fashionable they may be. The theory of so-called "Global Warming" is now declining - it is not demonstable nor provable and - once again - the real evidence does not support it. It is purely leftist hype; the data clearly shows that this planet is NOT getting warmer, in fact, for the last decade this world has been getting colder. This is not just my opinion because the data is freely available to all.

You seem to believe that I should be some sort of 'Christian Marxist' - when it is clear that I am not, you say, "What sort of Christian are you?" Well I do strive to be a biblical one - certainly not one who is subject to the fancies, fads, 'flavours of the month' and fashions of an ever-changing and God-rejecting society. In contrast, and to use your own words, you appear to support the concept of a God who "...has a lot to answer for, the mayhem he has perpetrated, the slaughter he has brought about and the wars he has caused..." Hmmm! Are you sure that it is not Man who has done that?

By the way, liberal values do not bring freedom at all but enslave all who appropriate them. Why not read What is Freedom?
Robin A. Brace. December, 1st 2010.