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Is There Anything One Could Say to a Child Facing Death?

The Question:

"Is there anything one could say to a child facing death? I am thinking about a simple story or picture to place in such a child's mind but firmly based on Christian principles."

UK Apologetics Reply:

This is a horrendous problem for any parent to face and I would never claim that there are any easy answers here. However, I am greatly impressed by something which has been attributed (rightly or wrongly) to the Scottish-born American Presbyterian minister, Peter Marshall (1902-1949). Apparently he suggested telling a child this:

'Do you remember how, when you were quite small, you would be out playing for many hours then you would finally come in to the house totally exhausted? Your body was so tired that you often fell asleep in the wrong place, on the sofa or in mum and dad's bed, for instance. But - next morning - you would wake up in a different place, in your own bed. You woke up to bright sunshine and the new hope that every new day always brings. Well death is a little like that. Your body becomes too exhausted to carry on; this usually happens to much older people but sometimes, through no fault of their own, this happens to children. You will fall asleep, but then you will awaken in God's kingdom. The brightness and new hope of that special 'morning' is beyond anything we experience in this life. Then you will be in God's kingdom forever. Your gran is already there and she will look forward to welcoming you and mum and dad will soon join you there too.'

I am very impressed with this advice. Of course, this presumes that all within such a family are within the community of the faithful.
Robin A. Brace. October 30th, 2010.

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