The 2009 'Canada Shrugged' Interview With Robin Brace

In 2009 the 'Canada Shrugged' blog site interviewed Robin Brace. The idea was that both that website and our own UK Apologetics site would share the brief article, however, due to an oversight on our part we never did use the article, something we have only recently discovered. Well here it is:

Robin Brace is from Cardiff, England [UK Apologetics Editor's insertion: Of course, Cardiff is in Wales, not England] and he runs an online site filled with great articles focusing on apologetics and culture. The great UK Apologetics site is here.

As a follow up to his Weimar article, I requested an e-mail interview and he responded immediately!

Here is the interview…

#1. In your 2006 article, Worrying Parallels Between the Weimar Republic and Modern Western Society, you put forth, that if an economic calamity were to hit the Western World, we could see the rise of another Hitler. What do you make of world events since you wrote this in 2006?

Robin: Well, I probably did not expect the rather quick and dramatic changes in the world economic situation which have happened since then to occur quite so soon, and yet I see nothing in our current situation which is really surprising. To me, this is the way we were headed.

#2. Many people feel that the economic policy of the West, (ie. massive spending, deficits, bail-outs) are essentially socialist in nature. Are we setting ourselves up for more economic/cultural failure before the rise of an authority figure arrives?

Robin: Yes, you said it! I am terrified of the way we are going. After the fall of communism one might feel that the West would reject anything to do with Marx but we have Marxist ‘social theory’ being used everywhere, it’s in every walk of life, especially here in the UK and in Europe. Frankly, we are in a mess and were for some time but while people had good cars, good jobs and plenty of money they will tolerate all sorts of things – that’s a lesson of history. We have these smiling well-groomed leaders saying positive things but when you look at the ‘books,’ or the accounts, we are in an unholy mess. The UK has a true national debt of over two trillion pounds! Yes, it's an incredible figure. The State has become too big and British manufacturing is almost dead. No nation can continue this way for long.

#3. Why do civilizations, (as with people) tend to go on a up and down rollercoaster pattern that brings them to, and then drifts them away from God?

Robin: Call me ‘old-fashioned’ if you like, but I think it is all about that little word ‘sin.’ God, in my opinion, wants to see a good, honest hard-working people prosper. Trouble is, when we do prosper we start congratulating ourselves, we want to lie back on the beach and think, ‘Look how my work has made me so wise, healthy and affluent!’ We forget about God. At the end of World War II there was widespread gratitude to God here in the West. Everybody said, ‘Whatever we rebuild must have God at the centre of it.’ My, how we have now departed from that! I have written about that here:

#4. Can society adopt authoritarian right-wing methods or solutions in response to Weimar-style economic and cultural problems without veering towards a sinful overreaction? Is this the solution?

Robin: Yes, purely economically-speaking, this needs to be the way forward, but it is amazing how this thin veneer of ‘civilisation’ can become so quickly undermined. Problem is that, at least here in the UK and Europe, even the phrase ‘right-wing solutions’ cannot be used without people thinking that you are a potential Nazi! The left has paralyzed us all over here, Back in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher had the right approach. She listened to all the right voices and, as a staunch Methodist, she was an enthusiastic supporter of the ideal of preserving our Christian heritage but she was fighting an uphill battle and the Christian denominations, who should have been her greatest supporters, were pretty much disinterested in the whole thing.

#5. What is the current cultural situation in Europe (specifically the U.K.) from your point of view? Where is the hope?

Robin: Look, I must be honest, Britain is in a mess. British socialism has presided over the erection of a weak society, paralyzed by political-correctness, which only wants to be ‘liberal,’ but, beyond that, does not want to believe in anything. Our leaders now insist that we are a “multi-cultural society,” and that seems about all they believe in. Christians can now be arrested for handing out Christian leaflets at ‘gay pride’ rallies (I am not over-stating this; this has actually happened!) and whereas it is considered fine for Moslems to put on anti-Christian demonstrations outside Westminster Cathedral in London, if Christians staged an anti-Moslem demo outside a mosque they would be quickly arrested! In wanting to obey instructions from the EC, we have now opened the doors to eastern Europeans who have flooded into our country with almost no controls. Obviously, a large portion of the people who got here first were fleeing their own police! It’s obvious really but apparently nobody thought to check. Regarding the purely Asian community I think they are here because abortion has robbed us of millions of future Brits. One day somebody finally 'woke up and smelled the coffee' and thought, ‘Hey, if we don’t do something, within a decade we are going to have people over 60 in the majority! Who will fuel the economy?’ Quick massive immigration (mainly from countries where abortion is illegal) seemed to be the best solution. Of course, the British people were never told this. These decisions were made behind closed doors. In my opinion, the British people would be astonished if they knew just how many political decisions affecting their future had actually been made behind closed doors; it's the same in all democracies. There is a degree to which 'democracy' is a fine thing, but there is also a degree to which it is merely a facade which is held up.

The only hope is a return to our God and national repentance. Of course, in the short term it won’t happen because our politicians now get laughed at and jeered the moment they mention ‘God.’ (this is the conclusion of Robin's comments).

Hate to end on a downer, but that was my last question to Robin, thank you, Robin.

Special thanks and blessings to Robin for the interview.

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