A Question I Was Asked:

"Will the 'SETI Project' Find Life?"

The Question:

Your article on the possibility that God has also created life in other parts of our universe made me think of the SETI project. Where do you stand on that?

UK Apologetics Reply:

The article you are referring to is here. Okay, it's a fair question, now let me explain:

SETI, or, 'the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence' was co-founded by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake in 1960.

Sagan was, in fact, apparently a believer in UFOs and believed that this earth was being 'visited,' something he kept very quiet about so as not to lose his access to grants (see here: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2010/05/drcarl-sagan-co-founder-of-seti-knew.html). Both these men were very enthusiastic about the possibility of finding life in outer space.

In fifty years of searching, in a project costing incredible sums of money, SETI has found absolutely no evidence to support the argument that the human race is anything other than utterly unique in the universe. Carl Sagan died, of course, in 1996, but Professor Drake himself is apparently unphased and still thinks it a real possibility that the SETI project may yet discover extra-terrestrial life.

The entire SETI project strongly supports the principle of evolution, believing that if the human race has "evolved" so remarkably from 'primitive life' then such a thing could happen elsewhere in the universe. All their speculations and hypotheses are based on this idea. SETI believes - without the slightest evidence - that life is not rare at all and the earth not that unique, rather, they believe that life will be found all over the universe, though often in 'low' forms, just waiting for evolution to work it's magic. SETI is therefore essentially atheistic, viewing the concept of God as unscientific and superstitious, yet possessing a rare faith in what evolution can accomplish! It should go without saying, therefore, that there would be absolutely no common ground between such hardened atheism and myself. Obviously, I am a commited Christian Theist. For my part, I just find it incredible that men of such obvious intelligence can accept the fantasy world of macro-evolution, using that as a foundation and basis for their so far utterly fruitless search.

So will SETI ever find life? I very strongly doubt it. But could God have created other human life in another place in the universe? It is not impossible but, if so, I really cannot imagine SETI discovering it. The most amazing thing about SETI is that these people are taking years and spending thousands of dollars in searching for indications of 'intelligence' in the universe when, in fact, indications of intelligence are everywhere in the universe but that intelligence is that of Almighty God; unfortunately the rigourously naturalistic and evolutionary foundation of their research means they cannot take any of that into account. Rather, amazingly long hours are spent analyzing radio waves and signals to see if far-off beings (of some sort) are communicating with each other. How utterly tragic that "educated" mankind has entered such a pathetically narrow blind alley.
Robin A. Brace. December, 17th, 2010.