A Question I Was Asked:

Why Use "Hawk" to Describe Yourself?

"I was amazed to see you use American slang to describe yourself. I thought the DOVE was the emblem that we as Christians would use if we needed to? Why would a Christian describe himself as a hawk?"

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, let us get this straight:

If you went through our website carefully - rather than jumping to conclusions - you would see that the dove is, indeed, very symbolic of much of our work. However, 'The Christian Hawk' is purposely written a little differently, offering a Christian slant on politics, with the 'hawk' being a good symbol as being a bird of incredible eyesight and perception. Currently the 'hawk' political series is only about 60 pages out of well over 1,000 on our website, so it is a long way from being the major thing which we do! By the way, the hawk is not being used to describe myself at all (as you appear to assume), it is used to describe the approach in just that one column. We have offered 'The Christian Hawk' on our site for several years and it is well-received but, of course, it is not for everybody. But, no, I certainly do not see myself as a hawk!
Robin A. Brace. May 5th 2010.