A Question I Was Asked:

What Will the Saved Do Through Eternity?

The Question:

Since believers in heaven only have their spirit bodies, how would they be occupied other than in worshipping the Lord?

UK Apologetics Reply:

You might be assuming a few things here which are not scripturally accurate. You must remember that being in heaven is only the first part of Eternal Life. Christians enter heaven at death and then await the Second Coming and the resurrection of the dead; this is an entire body and soul resurrection, so, after that point, we are no longer restricted to spirit bodies but we will have entire bodies - we will be fully body and soul; yes, truly spirit beings, but spirit beings with a real body which one might touch and feel, although I hesitate to say, a 'physical' body for reasons which I will attempt to explain in a moment.

Paul makes much of this abundantly clear in 1 Corinthians 15, but it is important to understand that when Paul writes of our future, post-resurrection, 'spiritual body' (1 Cor. 15:44), and make it plain that the age of 'flesh and blood' will then be past (verse 50), he did not mean that we will then be just some sort of ghostly, 'spirit apparition,' like a mist which comes and goes, no, we will be real, tangible, look, feel and touch presences. At that future time, true believers will be in their strongest possible manifestation. At present we have physical bodies and that's about it. Certainly, upon reception of the Holy Spirit, we do have a relationship with God but this cannot possible compare to that future time - post resurrection - when the saved may have a full friendship and relationship not only with God Himself, but with all the saved of all the generations!

So our new bodies will not be the flesh and blood of this present life, they will be all-powerful, more perfect bodies and God will imbue us with some of His own powers. Presumably we will be able to fly through space in just moments. You see, we tend to think that 'real bodies' must mean flesh and blood bodies and some theologians (incorrectly, in my opinion) have tried to explain it that way, but that is not correct. Flesh and blood is, as far as one may perceive, simply for the present time of mankind's sojourn upon this earth. Our real bodies of the future will be like that of the risen Christ, when He appeared to the disciples. Certainly, He could walk through walls, yet He had a real body which Thomas was able to feel. Thomas felt the hands, and the side, of our Lord's body. Our Risen Lord had no problem in allowing Thomas to do that because His risen and glorified body was obviously 'touchable' and 'feelable.' Check out John 20:27-28. That, I'm very happy to say, is our future!

We also need to understand that The New Jerusalem is pictured as coming to the earth from Heaven (Revelation 21). That tells me that our main home will be upon a refined and renewed earth but it does not rule out the possibility that we might also spend time in Heaven. We then enter an Eternity of joyous service to our God. Exactly what form that might take nobody knows but one can only believe that our Eternal service to the Great God will be one of enjoyment, joyous accomplishment, glorious worship and maybe even (who knows?) spreading divine truth to far-off galaxies. That, of course, is speculation. Obviously, there is much which is not yet revealed to us.

Even now God considers us as His sons and daughters but we will be His sons and daughters in the most real, spiritual sense at that future time. Now this does not mean that we will fully enter 'God' (as the Armstrongists and Mormons teach), yet certainly we will be remarkably close to Him and above the level of the angels.
Robin A. Brace, November 12th 2009.