A Question I Was Asked:

'Do you believe it is possible to hear God speaking to us?'

The Actual Question

'Do you believe it is possible to hear God speak to us, outside of Scripture? It seems that this is a subject that truly puts Christians in one camp or the other, with no middle ground on this topic.'

My Reply

99% of the time I would say no to this question and some people have certainly had delusional/psychological problems in this area. A few mass-murderers, for example, have claimed that "god" told them to go out and kill. So 99% of the time I think the answer is No. Having said that, some in the Bible clearly heard the voice of God (or could it be that they heard the voice of The Angel of the Lord?) and that was apparently genuine and a few of the great missionaries even claim to have heard a divine voice (again, possibly an angel or even The Angel of the Lord?) But when some people refer to the fact that, "The Lord told me to ..." they are not usually referring to literally hearing God's voice at all but to an apparent moving and prodding of the Holy Spirit in a certain direction. In like manner, just recently I said to a friend, "The Lord has shown me that I over-reacted in this matter."
Robin A. Brace. May 20th 2009.