The Equation of Creation

By David Cumming

About the Author:

David Cumming is an innovative scientist working in the field of artificial intelligence. A former PhD student of Professor Kevin Warwick at Reading University, England, David is also a graduate of Glasgow University, and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. At Robert Gordon University, he was awarded a rare MSc with Distinction for his work on a NASA space shuttle microgravity experiment that flew as a full canister experiment on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. David was also leader of the Intelligent Earth team that developed the world's first advertising system that changes advertising according to the gender and age of the person watching the advert - a technology that removes unwanted and annoying advertising and makes advertising appropriate to the watchers. The company also developed Doki, 'the World's most gender aware robot,' featuring in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' for several years. He is also the CEO of Safe Cities, who developed a prize-winning intelligent custody photography system in collaboration with ACPO's Facial Images National Database (FIND) Project and several large Police Forces. These systems are now installed around Britain as an important front end of the National Database.

Scientists working in Edinburgh and Yorkshire, in the UK, have discovered scientific evidence that the Creation of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, was a deliberate act. The researchers found that the Earth, Sun, and Moon, and beyond, were engineered according to a specific scientific equation. The equation has been dubbed, ‘The God Equation.’ The Equation looks like this:

The equation describes a relationship between the hydrogen fine transition line, the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle, and the speed of light in a vacuum. Artificial intelligence engineer, David Cumming, CEO of the Edinburgh-based company Intelligent Earth, recently discovered the equation, and said, ‘I am a scientist and as such I didn’t at first really believe it myself. But physics is physics and maths is maths, and you can’t argue with it.’

Cumming first realised the importance of the equation when he recognised the equation produced the number 361,449 – a very accurate value for the speed of light expressed in the Thom units of an ancient Stone Age measurement system. After checking and rechecking his results, the conclusion was clear. The equation produced a result for the speed of light with an error of only a tiny fraction of a per cent .

At this point, experienced scientists may be saying, ‘wait a minute. What are these units, Thoms? Also the equation isn’t balanced.’ All will be revealed with a short explanation showing how the equation becomes balanced, regular, and simplified, after the dividing out of two of the components of the equation. We will also show how a Professor of Engineering, from Oxford University in the UK, derived the units.

The primary understanding necessary to get the full benefit from this equation, is that it is both a message and a physics equation at the same time. This is a message, designed to make us sit up and take notice.

Firstly, why is the top line of the equation, Hlf.π, significant? SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) searches on a frequency equal to the frequency of the hydrogen line multiplied by Pi (Hlf.π). This frequency was suggested by Pyotr Makovetsky, for various reasons, as the best potential transmission frequency that should be searched for signs of ETI, and this frequency was adopted by NASA’s SETI institute (now independent from NASA). The search frequency equals 1420.405751 MHz multiplied by 3.141592653 (Pi is chosen to 10 significant figures to match Hlf) equals 4462.336272. If you check what frequencies members of the SETI alliance are listening on currently, you’ll find that Makovetsky’s frequency features in many of the lists SETI researchers are using.

Secondly, why is the value of Omega significant. Well, the Moon is 1/81 of the weight of the Earth. 1/81 equates to the very unusual decimal fraction 0.012345679012345679. So Omega is the ratio of the weight of the Moon to the Earth..

Thirdly, There is a second level of meaning encoded in the equation. Almost all the characters of the base 10 system are in the first level of Omega, but not all, one is missing, the number 8. So, as this is an encoded message with layers of meaning, we must look at this missing 8. Straightaway we see that multiplying the 0.012345679012345679 by the missing 8, we get 0.0987654321 – all the characters of the base 10 number system. This is the number system we use. An omniscient Creator knows to use this number system to make us pay attention to this message, as he knows this is the number base we use.

On the other hand, for those who believe that God is an ETI but nevertheless God, this is a very likely number system for any life form to use. At the same time, using all the consecutive characters of any number system at all, in a message, is a very direct sign that this is a message, an ordered intelligent communication, and not a random occurrence.

So, at the same time as encoding the very unlikely ratio between the weight of the Moon and the weight of the Earth, this omega also encodes all the characters of the base 10 numbers system.

Where is the Science?

Now, the scientists will be clamouring to be heard. And they are arguing about this equation, and trying to tear it down already because they can’t stand the implications – that there is a Creator, and the atheists and Godless are on the wrong side of science now. However, the equation has a further layer of meaning which satisfies all the scientific objections, and balances out the units, relationships, and quantities perfectly.

Take π/Ω and work this out. Our value for π is 3.141592653 (10 significant figures are used for Pi, as this is what we’re using for Ω), divided by the Ω value of 0.0123456790 (using more significant figures won’t affect the calculation), this gives us the result of 254.4690072. The result of the calculation is actually a value in Thoms (Th), namely 254 milliThoms, or more conveniently expressed as 0.2544690049Ths, as we shall see.

Now, we know from standard physics that the frequency of a wave, multiplied by the wavelength of that wave, is equal to the speed of the wave (leaving aside questions of phase which don’t apply to the speed of light in a vacuum). In the case of the equation, when you divide out π/Ω, the answer must be equal to the wavelength of the hydrogen line, because the hydrogen line frequency multiplied by the hydrogen line wavelength must equal the speed of light.

When we look at the overall equation, we know in advance that the equation will give the value for the speed of light very accurately because what we’re doing is multiplying the frequency of the hydrogen line by the wavelength of the hydrogen line. But remember, we’ve divided π (3.141592653) by Ω (0.0123456790) to get a result for the hydrogen line wavelength expressed in Thoms, so the fact that we get a highly accurate answer for this is nothing short of a miracle.

The speed of light calculated using the equation is 1420,405,751 cycles per sec (frequency (Hz)) multiplied by 0.2544690072 Thoms (wavelength). This works out at 361,449,241.3 Thoms/sec.

Using the value of 0.82945 metres per Thom calculated by Knight and Butler from the circumference of the Earth (see following section), our value for the speed of light in metres is calculated as follows: 361,449,241.3 Thoms/sec multiplied by 0.82945 (to convert to metres) which equals 299,804,073.2 metres/sec. This result for the speed of light is 99.996% correct.

If we use a second completely independent value of 0.82966 for a Thom (also known as a megalithic yard), derived by Professor Alexander Thom from his extensive survey of old Stone Age sites (see following section), the value for our speed of light from the equation works out as 361,449,241.3 Thoms/sec multiplied by 0.82966 (to convert to metres) which equals 299,879,977.5 metres/sec. This result for the speed of light is 99.971% correct.

It’s worth noting that the equation produces a value for the Thom. We know from standard physics that the wavelength of the hydrogen line is equal to 21 cms, or .2110611405 metres. This means that if we divide .2110611405 by .2544690072 we will get the value of a Thom directly from this equation. This equation-derived value of a Thom works out as 0.829417864 metres . Obviously since we’ve calculated this value by making π/Ω equal to the Hl wavelength we can’t then put this value for a Thom into the other side of the equation, as the process is circular and the result is guaranteed to be perfect. However we can check this value against the Earth, Sun, and Moon circumferences which we will do as part of the following verifications.

Verification of Equation from Two Other Sources

Although as we’ve seen above, the Equation of Creation supplies a value for the Thom, there are two independent sources for value of the Thom, from the work of Chris Knight and Alan Butler, and from Professor Alexander Thom of Oxford University. And we haven’t yet examined why the unit of length is called a Thom in the first place.

Professor Alexander Thom (1894-1985) was the Professor of Engineering at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He was an important figure in his time and the main Engineering Department Building at Oxford is now named the Thom Building after him. Over a period of 50 years, Thom endeavoured to find out as much as he could about the Stone Age monuments such as Stonehenge, scattered from Orkney in the North, to Brittany in France.

In a lifetime of research, Thom surveyed and measured over 1,000 monuments. He discovered that a unit of measurement seems to have been used over the vast area that he surveyed from Orkney in the North to Brittany in the South. Thom was mystified as to how the accuracy of the unit could have been maintained over such a distance and time. He died in 1985 without knowing the answer to this riddle.

Over the last 12 years, in a brilliant extension and verification of Professor Thom’s work, Christopher Knight, and Alan Butler, researchers and well-known authors from Yorkshire in the UK, showed that there was simple method for deriving an exact megalithic yard, that involved timing the transit of Venus across a 1/366 part of the horizon. By adjusting the pendulum length according to a simple procedure, the megalithic yard (or as it’s now known, the Thom) was reproduced. Although Knight and Butler’s method produces a result that varies very slightly with latitude and altitude, the range is within the variation that Professor Thom found by surveying the monuments. This method also explains the fantastic accuracy over distance and time that so baffled Professor Thom.

Then Knight and Butler moved far beyond Thom’s work and discovered a relationship between the Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Thom. Combining this discovery with their further uncovering of previously unrecognised and fantastically unlikely relationships between the sizes, orbits, weights, and other characteristics of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, Knight and Butler realised that the whole solar system seemed to be a message from the Creator. For Knight in particular this was a shock, as he was at the time an atheist, and is still a member of the Humanist Society. Knight comments, ‘I was an atheist. On balance, I now believe in a Creator, a design, and an ultimate purpose. This has to be God. I’m a pragmatic humanist who now says, ‘There is no longer space in the room for atheism.’ Alan Butler added, ‘I’m inclined to say this is God, the Creator.’

How does the Equation of Creation ‘prove’ that there was a Creation?

The value of the Thom as worked out by the equation is 0.829417864 metres. What Knight and Butler discovered is that the Thom relates to the Earth directly. If you multiply the Thom, produced by the equation, by 366 to get a second of arc of the Earth, then by 360 to get a degree of arc, then by 366 to get the full circumference, the result is 39,997.98kms. The values available for the polar circumference of the Earth range from 39,992kms to 40,008kms. This means the Thom derived from the equation, when multiplied up to give the Polar Circumference of the Earth using the Thom Earth signature 366 and the Sumerian 360 system, gives an answer that ranges from 99.98 % correct (39,992kms value) to 99.96 per cent correct (40,008kms value).

According to NASA, the circumference of the Moon is 10,921 kms. If you multiply the Thom by 100 to get a second of arc of the Moon, by 360 to get a degree of arc of the Moon, and by 366 to get the circumference of the Moon, the Thom gives a value for the Lunar circumference of 10,928kms. This value is 99.93 % correct.

According to NASA again, the circumference of the Sun is 4.379 x 109 metres. If you multiply the Thom by 40,000 to get a second of arc of the Sun, by 360 to get a degree of arc of the Sun, and by 366 to get the circumference of the Sun, the Thom gives a value for the Solar circumference of 10,928kms. This value is 99.83 % correct.

These results mean that not only does the equation give an accurate result for the speed of light but the value for the Thom coming from the equation fits very accurately with the circumferences of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. As a side note, the values 100 and 40,000 used above in calculations of circumference, are not arbitrary numbers, but are very significant values in the large volume of research about the message embedded in the characteristics of the Solar system. The larger body of research does not feature in this short review and explanation of the Equation of Creation.

The Equation of Creation is composed of constants like pi, and omega, the hydrogen line frequency, and the speed of light. These physical constants and characteristics have been around since the before the Earth, Sun, and Moon came into being. And the Thom derived from the equation fits incredibly accurately with the Earth, Sun, and Moon circumferences. The Equation of Creation and the Thom came first. Therefore, either there is the most freakishly unlikely coincidence happening, and the huge amount of supporting data not mentioned in this short review makes the odds of this event being due to a chance event really disappear beyond the possible, or with the application of the razor of Occam, we are left with the simple conclusion that the Earth, Sun, and Moon must have been Created to accord with the Equation of Creation.

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