A Question I Was Asked:

Why Don't You List All the Cults?

The Actual Question:

I note that countercult, as well as Christian Apologetics, is an area of interest to you. But you don't seem to pinpoint too many cults. Why is that?

UK Apologetics Reply:

The reason for this is that we set out to attack the broad theological principles involved in the cults and sects, and it really is the same erroneous principles which, time after time, cause these groups to go astray. We do that through many articles, The Move Away From Legalism, for one, has been especially helpful for many people. Of course, we do also have a separate countercult section.

Most of these groups are led astray through the megalomania of one individual who has a flawed approach to the Word of God. There is usually some root of bitterness in such people, often against established Christianity, and they use various forms of legalistic teaching in order to gain control over more naive people. At some point, the leaders will claim 'apostleship,' or some other grand title for themselves. In time, it seems as though the paranoia increases and the claims become more and more outrageous - and dangerous! Even Jim Jones and David Korresh seem to have started out as quite mild, intelligent and decent men. Much less extreme than Jones and Korresh was Herbert Armstrong. Armstrong seems to have started out as a very sincere person who wanted to gain a fuller understanding of the Bible, unfortunately as with all of these people, vanity gained a foothold and - many years down the line - he claimed full apostleship for himself, often inferring that he was a greater apostle than Paul (his followers still sometimes claim this). At length, he claimed all sorts of ridiculous and quite barmy things. Finally, as a very old man, he broke many of the marital laws which he imposed upon thousands of people in order to marry a beautiful young divorcee, yet, even then, thousands did not see through him.

Occasionally we will highlight and warn about particular groups but we do not set out to be a kind of directory of all the cults and sects. Perhaps Rick Ross has done that better than most, yet even Rick cannot list every single group because it is just impossible to do that.

So the general, biblical teachings which appear on our website will - time after time - prove to be helpful in avoiding all those teachings which pervert the teaching of the Holy Bible, wherever those teachings may come from.
Robin A. Brace. October 20th, 2009.